Post-Crafting Breaking Bad Treats, Healing Foods, and Throwing a Cray Holiday Party For Cheap

Sorry I’m late.  I was crafting.  It was horrible.  I thought I’d finally knock some items off of my five year to-do list, including things like restringing broken down bracelets, sewing holes in shirts I’ve had crumpled up in my closet (or suitcases) for a while, etc.  I never got the crafty gene, the sewing gene, or the shopping gene, for that matter.  What kind of lady am I?!  Ah well.  No better time than making up stuff to do in another country on a one-income budget.  I feel like my great grandma is at least pleased that I breathed new life into her funky vintage costume jewelry.

In other news, we just booked our holiday flights home… on THANKSGIVING.  So psyched to not have to pretend I know how to cook a turkey.  It’ll come, someday.  For now, let’s kill ten days worth of time starting with this:


Breaking Bad Alternate Ending Revealed (Huffington Post) – I am posting this for everyone else’s benefit, since I am still on SEASON FIVE GUYS.  Please knock it off with the spoilers!  It won’t be long now.  We have a ten day deadline, I guess.  Anyone know when season six will come out on Netflix?!  Please?!?! Someone?!

Healing Foods That Will Change Your Life (Mind Body Green) – I certainly need some natural healing in my life.  This is written by a woman recalling her days as an exhausted new mom, so you know if it worked for her, it will probably work for just about anyone.  I’m counting on it.

How to Throw a Holiday Party on a Budget (The Daily Meal) – I was stocking up on all kinds of “I’m doing this on my own” holiday tips and articles but now I can just give them all to you, since I’ll be relying on everyone else for holiday entertainment for a solid month.  Here ya go.  Tell me how it goes.

Better-Than-Takeout Pizza Recipes (The Daily Meal) – Thanks for all the goods, DM!  Hubs and I have learned an important lesson here in Nova Scotia- pizza is not something to be taken for granted, and sometimes, your best option isn’t at the corner pizzeria.  I’d say we have high standards, but then I’d have to tell you that we really love a good Little Caesar’s Hot-n-Ready, and our credibility would be shot.

It’s gotta be the Hot n Ready deep dish, or no deal.

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