Brightening Up a Grey Saturday

It’s a grey Saturday, but a Saturday nonetheless.  We’ve got to find ways to brighten it up.  I have a few things that may help.


Bat Kid Saves the Day in San Francisco (USA Today) – You had to have been living under a rock to miss this one yesterday, but if you haven’t caught up on the happiest news in weeks, here it is.  Sweet little guy in remission from Leukemia runs around all day “saving” people and being all around amazing, entire city plays along.  He even got props from POTUS.  More stories like this, please!

We’ve Been Eating Apples ALL Wrong (Foodbeast) – I get a little testy when people (my husband) try to change the way I peel and eat my fruit.  He’s been telling me for years now that I am peeling my banana from the wrong end, but you know what?  I am in the majority here, so leave my banana alone!  However, this apple thing is blowing the minds of people worldwide.  You’ve got to watch the video. (UPDATE: I watched the video.  I’m not sure I can eat the core pieces/seeds.  I feel my world has just been blown apart.)

Dog Tucks Himself into Bed (Youtube) – You know I hate watching videos, yet this post alone is filled with suggestions for videos you must watch.  Don’t worry, this has just been a weird week.  It won’t be a regular thing.  Videos like this one made me giggle all week long and you know what?  We all need a good giggle and an “aww” sometimes.

New Billboards Remind “You Are So Freaking Awesome” (Good News Network) – Seriously, sometimes I just need to see the right message at the right time, like yesterday.  I was in an elevator, feeling MEH about life, and I looked on the wall I was leaning against and saw some hoodlum had written “No Worries” in pencil.  I smiled.  Thank you, graffiti person.

No. You are!

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