The In-Between: A Diet Merry-Go-Round + Benefits of the Gluten-Free Life

So today, a good friend of mine told me she was diagnosed a Celiac.  It occurred to me that throughout my own gluten-free explorations, I’ve never been officially diagnosed, nor have I ever known anyone personally that was a true Celiac.  The great news is, my friend is a crazy-determined chic and will likely be the most successful Celiac on the planet!

It’s funny because my immediate reaction to this news was, man, I should get back on the gluten-free train, too.  I remembered how much better I felt without the overly processed garbage in my system.  Then I added more Splenda to my coffee.  Seriously, I have multiple lifestyle personalities depending on what day it is.  It’s out of control.

What is the answer for those of us who are just seeking the healthiest possible lifestyle with a side of weight loss?  Is it Weight Watchers -the plan I consider to be the most realistic, but also chock full of “fat free” and “light” chemically-induced alternatives?  Is it all about whole foods that are portion controlled?  Maybe cutting out refined carbs is the answer, because then you’re avoiding all that whacky GMO stuff?  It’s mind boggling.  Especially when you’re embarking on a long term healthy lifestyle change, you just want to pick the one that’s going to work for you.  That’s the spot I’m at now.  Which one to choose?  Which one will work?

I don’t have the answers.  When I think about it, what makes the most sense is a clean diet of whole foods: fresh produce, the best meats and fishes you can afford, protein-fueled legumes, complex grains and carbs in moderation, tons of water, and portion control.  Even then, my pre-programmed mind reverts to, “I shouldn’t have full fat cheese!”  It’s not easy to change your mind.  As we go along, I’ll share whatever tricks I find work for me.  Believe me, I need tricks.  For now, let’s look more at the gluten-free lifestyle and the benefits of tweaking your own diet for the better.

Potential Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet (Harvard) – It’s too soon to have many measurable outcomes of GF life, but if nothing else, it seems to help people avoid many gastrointestinal problems.  Make sure you’re getting the necessary vitamins if you are limiting things from your diet.  Common sense!

Is Genetically Modified Wheat Causing More Gluten Intolerant People? (CeliacDisease.About) – This is something I find so interesting, because I can tell you one thing- I certainly did not abstain from gluten-filled meals while in Italy all summer, and not once did I have any sensitivity issues.  Is this in my head?  I do think there’s something to the idea that more and more people are sick from wheat, and how processed the American diet is. #foodforthought

Gluten Free Food Substitution Guide (Gluten Free Works) – One thing I shared with my friend was how there were many things I just decided to go without when I could have bought a GF substitute.  It was mostly because the alternative didn’t taste great and cost a lot of money.  Still, sometimes, you just need a pie, and you need to make that pie in a safe way.

How to Hit the Bars While Staying Gluten Free (Gluten-Free for Men) – Great article, but one thing it’s missing is decent(ish) beer options.  I don’t mind Redbridge and New Grist… plus more and more breweries are dabbling with “fresh” GF beer options.  Don’t be afraid to ask!



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