Hockey Dreams Come True, the Truth About Flight-Boozing, and the Bromance of the Century

What a day!  Plenty of interesting developments out in the world today.  Let’s dance.


Buffalo Sabres Fire Regier, Rolston, Bring Back Nolan and LaFontaine (Fansided) – What a day! If you’re a Buffalonian, or just unfortunate enough to be a Buffalo sports fan, you were likely hanging on every word of that Sabres press conference today.  As a lifer, I am pretty excited about the changes made.  I’ve been dreaming about La-La-La-LaFontaine’s return for more than a decade.  Will it change things?  We shall see.

How to Bring Your Favorite Booze on Your Next Flight (I’m A Travel Ninja) – It is now well-documented that I hate to fly.  My very patient husband forwarded me this great article recently and I wanted to share it with you.  I for one, was very unsure and very nervous about “smuggling” my baby liquor bottles through security.  Turns out, the drunker you are, the more they applaud you.

‘Maleficent’ trailer: Angelina Jolie is More Than Horns and Thorns (Entertainment Weekly) – I forgot this was even happening until my Instagram buddy posted a picture of the very fierce looking villain.  Okay by fierce, I mean she looks pretty damn good.  It does pain me to admit that.  Watch the trailer!

George Clooney Can’t Stop Talking About Brad Pitt (Huffington Post) – Might as well get all the Jolie-Pitt stuff into one post.  This is the bromance of the century, is it not?  Brad is lucky to have George fawning over him.. believe me, I know (from several recent, vivid dreams.)


What Does the Word “Foodie” Mean in 2013? (First We Feast) – Great piece about the state of the word “foodie.”  I do find it’s thrown around quite carelessly these days, like “hipster,” “epic,” and “Miley Cyrus is a talented musician.”


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