The In-Between: Decoding Your Pre-Thirty Fear + a Challenge

I was chatting with a dear friend who has a birthday next week; she hasn’t even started her 29th year journey yet.  Oh boy does she have some stuff to look forward to!  Talking with her got me thinking about how I only have about seven and a half months left of my twenties, and how weirded out I still am about it.  Yes, we’ve been through this before, but I am still struggling with the idea of entering that next decade.  Today, I think I figured out the reason I’m scared.

Most of us measure our success by how much we accomplish in life.  My path has been a somewhat untraditional one, and I often have to remind myself of what I’ve really done in 29 years.  It’s quite a bit.  Still, there are a few major things I have yet to accomplish, and I realized I will continue being nervous about turning 30 until I make it something worth celebrating.  In other words, I think the best way to feel amazing on July 19, 2014 (besides accepting dazzling gifts from all of you,) is to arrive there fiercer than ever.

Now, I’ve had plenty of birthdays when I planned to be at a certain place or reach a certain ideal, and for many of them, that day came and went with little change.  Believe me, knowing that has provided a healthy dose of skepticism from my nasty little inner voice, but I’m going to take pleasure in shutting that voice up, making peace, and moving forward.  I’ve had this silly thought process going on (I blame society or something,) that once you hit a certain age, all your best chances are behind you, and that’s simply the dumbest thing EVER.

I’ve decided exactly what want for the morning of July 19th.  I want to be in the best shape of my life, and that will be truly, coming from the worst physical shape of my life.  I spilled it all in my post, “Getting Real About Health and Fitness,” and since then, I’ve been making baby step changes to start forming new habits.  It’s definitely a slow process and far from a perfect one, but as I’m learning from yoga, they call it practice for a reason!  Anyways, now that I’ve identified what I want for my future birthday, I will be spending the next seven and a half months putting it into motion.

Are you facing the next decade of your life?  I challenge you now to identify what would help remove some of that fear you’re feeling about the unknown, and make plans to get there.  When your eyes flutter open the morning of your 30th, 40th, or even 70th birthday, make the decision not to be scared, to celebrate that moment, and do so by accomplishing something you’ve always dreamed of.  Do that, and I believe it will be the start of a flurry of new possibilities!  We’re in this together.

Let me know what challenge you’ve picked for your next big birthday in the comments section below!



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