Veteran’s Day Gratitude Plus EMAs Gossip, Workplace Style, and More Soup, Please?

Happy Veteran’s Day/Remembrance Day/whatever you prefer to call it, to all members of our esteemed armed forces who have served or are serving now.  Your sacrifice is priceless, and for that, we are forever grateful.  Thank you for keeping us safe!


Reflecting on this made me stop for a second (after enduring a solid hour of seething anger this morning) and be grateful for the usually cushy life I live.  Also, despite how pissed I was at everything locally today, I did notice, looking around at every closed business, how the States don’t do much anymore as far as holidays go. I mean, Walmart (and maybe other stores) will be open on Thanksgiving, for goodness sake.  Madness.  Canadians do holidays right.  Everything is closed, and everyone gets the day off.  Wasn’t that the point to begin with?

Anyways, in my hours of logistical despair this morning, I was at least able to see those positives.  The rest of the day, I will have to reboot on my own, using just the links I provide for you below.  I’m sure you’re already off to a much better start than me, good job.


European Music Awards: All the Dirt (Perez Hilton) – If you need an obnoxiously loud celebrity pick-me-up, Perez has all the dirt for you on last night’s EMA happenings.  Miley’s still being Miley.  Katy Perry may or may not be engaged (may not, I’m guessing.  That ring is too tiny to be from the likes of John Mayer!) And, I saw a picture of Will Ferrell as Ron Burgandy and that was enough for me to click through.

Professional Outfits to Take You Stylishly Through the Work Week (Who What Wear) – If you’re one of the lucky ones, you only have a four day work week, so you can spend all of today just planning out the rest of your look for the week, and probably, doing heaps of laundry.  Links like this one allow me to live in my little fashion fantasy world, where budgets don’t exist.

Perfect Soups for Ultimate Fall Comfort (Huffington Post) – Yesterday was my comfort food day.  I had a Wendy’s Frosty for dinner.  #noregrets  At least there is some nutritional value with most of these soups, and they’re a lot nicer to hold in your hands and snuggle up with on the couch.

Desire and Destiny Meditation Series (Chopra Center) – As I’m telling myself with yoga, meditation is a practice and practice means, you’re not going to be good at it, all of the time.  Some days you might even opt for drinking a pitcher of beer instead of going home early to make sure you get your daily meditation in.  That’s why it’s practice- you have to keep working at it.  I’m playing with the idea of starting this one, which is free and begins today.  As someone with a crazy-ass wandering mind, I find guided meditations to be crucial to any kind of success.  Try it and let me know what you think.  Maybe we can journal together or something sometime.  Over beer.


3 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day Gratitude Plus EMAs Gossip, Workplace Style, and More Soup, Please?

  1. Mark Atkinson says:

    It’s only a statutory holiday in 8 of the 13 provinces/territories (including New Brunswick, maybe I should be at work? I’ll just blame it on being a Nova Scotian). I remember when I was at University in Quebec we had classes on November 11th, I certainly did not attend.

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