Happy Hour – Easy Lover Lambrusco

If you were ever unsure of how I feel about you, now you know my true devotion.  After my first Halifax “girl’s night,” the last thing on Earth I want to talk about is alcohol, but for you…just for you, I will. You deserve it, after a long week filled with crack-ingesting mayors and Bieber brothel-hopping.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, today we pay homage to the hero of all my family holiday parties, Lambrusco.  Don’t wrinkle your nose.  That stuff goes down just like juice, a little too easy, and my cousin and I discovered many years ago that it’s also great for wine power hour.  No crazy relative can ruin that buzz.  Salut.

Lambrusco Cocktails (LumbruscoDay) – Apparently, we’ll have to revisit this topic June 21, 2014 which is, you got it, Lambrusco Day.  Grab your Riunite and get to it.



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