An Open Letter to Shonda Rhimes, RE: Grey’s Anatomy

Dearest Shonda,

In 2005, you gave me hope again.  As I’m sure you remember, that was the year you brought Grey’s Anatomy to the world.  Actually, you brought it to America, initially.  I was studying abroad in Australia and kept reading about this mysterious show, stealing the hearts of TV lovers everywhere.  I confess, I never actually saw the entire first season of Grey’s, simply because I started from behind.  That did not matter.  I transitioned seamlessly into the heart stopping, gut wrenching second season, with some of the best-written, character-driven material around.  Luckily, Lost began that same year, and my post-Friends depression was swept away.


Today, I saw a Facebook post from the Grey’s page that said, #tbt “Remember when nothing could come between Meredith and Christina?”  I want to respond to that by saying, yes, I remember that.  I remember when the characters on this show were as real to viewers as their own best friends.  I remember when the relationships were riveting, intense, and completely Mc-EVERYTHING.  I never tuned into Grey’s for the guest stars or the gory surgery scenes, I tuned in to see Izzy show up too late to tell Denny she loved him, for Meredith and Derek to have dirty secret prom sex in an operating room, or for Christina and Owen to share an incredible kiss over the steam grate.  I want you to know that last season, the entire year of new Grey’s episodes sat unwatched on my DVR, because I just couldn’t bring myself to go there.  No longer was it something I drooled over for an entire week before grabbing a full glass of wine, (okay, bottle of wine) and watching with baited breath.  It became an obligation.  I’m not sure where you lost touch with what the fans really want, but I can tell you- it’s not snotty new interns, breaking up our favorite couples (really, after everything Callie and Arizona have been through?! REALLY?!) or by putting Meredith and Christina at each other’s throats.  I for one am sad to say, I really no longer care what happens to these characters I used to love.  And that’s why for me, Grey’s ended long ago, before you crashed that plane.  That should have been the last season.

Image Image Image

I don’t want you to think I don’t love and respect the work you’ve done.  As a television connoisseur and a writer myself, I need you to know that what you’re doing with Scandal is magnificent, and so reminiscent of the glory days of Grey’s Anatomy.  Stick with that.  Give your attention to one thing, and do that one thing well- for your fans.  We come to you now, with joined hands and say, please give Grey’s Anatomy a respectable, honorable, closure-filled series finale at the end of this season, and then for God’s sake- set it free.  Be *our person,* and do the right thing.

With hope and gratitude,

Mrs. L. N. Hyatt (+ at least a few other rabid fans out there…maybe more)

This is where my future lies. And yours too, Shonda.

7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Shonda Rhimes, RE: Grey’s Anatomy

    1. E Porter says:

      From the very first season I was hooked on Gray’s Anatomy. Watched it religeously, recording it when necessary. However it was painful at times when it seemed that people sabotaged their own happiness. Then characters seemed to figure it out and life was good for most characters.

      The plane crash was a turning point for me. The show became too intense to enjoy. Too many main characters were killed off. The plot lines began to resemble soap operas.

      At one point, I thought I would give it a other chance. Then I read that Dr Shepard was dead. No need to give it another try. The show is no longer compelling to me.

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