The In-Between: Patience is a Hurt You

While my mind was spinning at a million miles a second this morning, (like always,) I began thinking about goals I have for myself, and how geez, I’m just not getting there quick enough.  Come ON already.  Gimme now!  So it’s true, what they say about Millennials.  There is something in the air… in society… possibly in our upbringing, that makes it feel a lot harder to just wait for things to happen, whether they’re in our control or not.  I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the rise of technology that we all now expect in our lives, the immediacy of basically having anything we want at our fingertips at any moment.  Over the summer, when I was forced to do without my smartphone, I started to get fidgety when I couldn’t Google something or share a story with a friend the day it happened.  It was a surprisingly uncomfortable feeling.

Way back when, one of my Mom’s favorite responses to my already impatient questioning was, “patience is a virtue.”  I had no idea what the heck she meant, and furthermore, I transposed her saying into, “patience is a hurt you,” because that made a lot more sense to me and man, it did hurt.  Waiting stinks.

A big part of 29, in my world at least, seems to be rephrasing that original thought back into it’s never-fully-explored meaning. There are a lot of things I’m waiting for, that I’m going to have to keep waiting for, regardless of how I feel about it.  In the immediate future: there’s my new health journey.  Six pounds?!  Not enough.  Hurry.  There’s the big May question mark.  What will happen May 1st?  Will we stay?  Will we go?  Where will we go?  Can someone please tell me now?  And then of course there’s waiting for the puppy, the baby, the financial woes to ease, the house, the opportunities, the trip to Disney World (yay!)  The focus now has to be on the long haul, and how each baby step will get me just an inch closer.  You know what that means?  Yep, a lot of “being in the present” work.

Since I’m not good with baby steps, I thought I’d look for some support.

Number One Secret to a Successful Life is Baby Steps (Lifehack) – Life is a marathon, not a sprint and all that stuff.  No surprise- I HATE running.  Small victories… start there.

How to Develop Big Thinking Habits (Iqmatrix Blog) – I’m taking notes.  The detailed planner in me is screaming.  Shut up, please.

How to be Present (Oprah) – Take it from a pro, Deepak Chopra explains how to be present, what it means to be present, and tips to getting there.

At least the view is pretty on this wait.

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