The Daily Sampler Abroad: Halifax – S’more Good Spots

In honor of making my first contribution (coming in December!) to the one and only, Halifax Magazine, it’s high time I get back to celebrating H-Town.  Do you guys ever call it that?  You should.  Now, as I’ve mentioned, we’re on a big-kid budget now, so I won’t get to do as much exploring as I’d like, but I can still troll about looking for the best deals and cheap fun around town.

Cabin Coffee – So, I’m not sure if this is a chain deal, but I found myself shocked and awed by not only the all-day breakfast deal (b-fast sandwich with egg, cheese, bacon/ham, on either a fat english muffin or bagel, WITH a coffee/tea,) all for under $5.  Are you kidding me?!  Is this Canada?  And then, just when I was starting to let that sink in, I got a refill, for only $.75.  That may seem silly to some readers, but so far, most places, when I ask for coffee refills, they give me a blank stare and are like, “Um, you just want another large coffee?”  And then charge me 3 more dollars.  Whatevs.  I liked it.  Near the water, too.

Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market – I know this is kind of an obvious one, but after visiting the market again yesterday for the full weekend experience, we just remembered what a fun time it is, and a true asset to Halifax.  We meant to run in/run out for some fresh herbs, but ended up lingering for more than an hour to browse, pick up some fun veggies, sample an authentic Mexican lunch, and of course, grab those herbs.  We vow to keep returning for budget-friendly noshing.

Pete’s Frootique – The first time I went, I thought, eek, this is expensive.  I made a second trip yesterday and found that not only does Pete’s have unequivocally the best produce I’ve seen lately, but soooo much of it was on sale for $.99/lb.  My husband, the ultimate value seeker, was even excited as we explored all Pete’s had to offer (except the price of cheese, that is clearly going to be painful for us through May.)  The best part: eating the giant Cortland apples this morning and wow- that’s an apple.

Bonehead’s BBQ – Our first BBQ in town and it was pretty good!  Hubs and I shared the two-meat plate and enjoyed pulled chicken (we’re obsessed with chicken now, hilarious,) and smoked sausage, with mac-n-cheese, homemade sweet potato chips, and cornbread on the side.  Hence, you are not surprised we need to change our diet, ASAP.

Why do I write these on an empty stomach?
Why do I write these on an empty stomach?

Just Us! Coffeehouse (Spring Garden) – This place is always bustling, and surely, with the closing of the Barrington location, will probably get even busier.  I’m a little on the fence about the coffee there…both times I’ve had some stray grounds floating around in there, but as far as ambience goes, I’ll keep trying it.  You know I love a place with lots of electrical outlets, which they seem to have covered.

Freeman’s Little New York – This place has 2 wonderful advantages: it has the word “New York” in its name, and it’s pretty much the only real bar in the Quinpool district.  I was seeking both of those things.  We really wanted to find a “home” bar that was in walking distance to our West End house, and it’s looking like Freeman’s will be that place.  I love the everybody-knows-your-name, casual atmosphere and the happy hour deals.  Snacks aren’t bad, either.

Niche Lounge Supper Club – Did I already mention this place?  I can’t keep up with my own Internet life these days.  I met a friend here for a wine-heavy happy hour a few weeks ago and we were pleasantly surprised with the half priced appetizer and discount wine situation, but also the comfortable surroundings, and for me- plentiful TV opportunities.  We just may have to return for game day, sometime.

Gus’ Pub and Grill – We went balls to the wall this weekend, not only heading out to Hellacaust’s 13th Anniversary Metal Show (so like me, right?) but doing it on “fall back’ night, giving us an entire extra hour to be cool people painting the town.  Gus’ was super cool- very chill, basement/house party type place, and when I say “dive bar,” I truly say it in the best sense of the phrase…because who doesn’t love a dive bar now and then?  Gus’ apparently draws live music nearly every night of the week, plus cheap pitchers and Ace Burger Co. sharing the space.  Really, what more could you ask for?


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