Happy Hour – Roll Out the Steamies

It’s November, and I’m okay with it.  We’re on the colder side of fall, so basically there’s a 60% chance that I’m going to choose a warm beverage over an icy one.  I’ll miss you, iced coffee!  Let’s explore the latest options.  And oh yes, TGIF.  (I almost said, “bitch,” after that.  I’ve been watching a lot of Breaking Bad.)

Dunkin Donuts Release Two New Seasonal Drinks (The Daily Meal) – If you don’t have a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate on your menu, you’re just not cool.  Simple as that.  And who doesn’t love Red Velvet anything?!  Whoooaaaaaa.  It’s gonna be a sweet November.

I can’t promise you won’t get a stomach ache.

Amazing Ways to Spike Hot Chocolate (Buzzfeed) – As if you need a way to make hot chocolate better.  But, it’s Friday, so we had to go there!  Spike away, but hold the whipped cream.  We’re on Weight Watchers, mmmkay?


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