Knock, knock. It’s a Super-Sized Halloween Sampler

Happy Halloween!!! My costume? An American on a budget. Hope you kids like the Cookies-n-Cream Hershey Bars. I know. No one likes those things.
18 Halloween Costumes You Can’t Unsee (Mental Floss) – These. Are. Terrifying.  Sweet dreams.

Top Reasons People Hate Candy Corn (Huffington Post) – I have one reason for ya.  That’s because those people have taste buds.

Urban Legend: The Truth About Swallowing Gum (The Daily Meal) – What’s Halloween without a good urban legend?  Don’t forget to check that candy for needles!  #ThoseWereDifferentTimes

On Pins and Needles (Snopes) – Now that I’ve piqued your interest, here’s the real story on tampered-with candy.  And you thought that horror movie you watched was scary!  Whattttt.

The Best and Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes (Marie Claire) – Some are pretty creative.  Some are just slutty.

Is Halloween the Greatest Horror Movie of All Time? (Forbes) – Answer: YES.  Duh.  The simplicity of that film is what makes it 1,000 times scarier than any of the overproduced bull that’s out there now.  I have no desire to see today’s horror movies (because I’m too scared.)

More Old-Timey Horrific Halloween Costumes (Womens Post) – Sorry, there are just so many of these that I’ll never be able to forget, you need to see them and leave the lights on tonight.  What was wrong with people back in the day?!


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