Britney Spears, Keepin’ Us Safe Plus the Best Songs Ever and Dark Beers That Taste Good

The day started off slow but I made up for it by murdering my body all day long.  What did I do?  A Zumba class (which honestly, was geared for the over-60 crowd,) grocery shopping (at rush hour time = hello, torture…) made two Mexican-themed, Weight Watchers friendly meals, cleaned the kitchen about three different times, laundry, etc.  You were probably thinking I was back into the hot yoga and pumping serious iron or something.  Nope.  Pretty much every move I make is a painful one, and I don’t understand why.  The Halifax house has a brand new mattress.  My Buffalo mattress is at least a good 5-7 years old, and doesn’t usually provide the greatest sleep.  Still, I woke up every day last week feeling great, and I’ve woken up every day here feeling like I belong in the over-60 Zumba class.  What gives?!?!

All that struggle got me thinking about my current state of health.  That’s an upcoming blog.  Look out, it’s HONEST.  It’s still too early in the week for that though.  Let’s read about Britney Spears.


Britney Spears’ Music Used to Ward Off Somali Pirates (The Daily Beast) – This one actually made me laugh out loud, but then it didn’t seem all that weird.  I could pick out at least 5 non-Britney songs that I KNOW would scare off evil-doers, but hey, whatever works.

BOO! I get it now.

100 Greatest Songs, EVER, by the Experts (Rolling Stone) – I was conned into clicking on this link because it said there was only 50 songs to read about.  I got tired half way through the list, but I won’t judge you if you spend your entire morning reading these when you should be doing other work.

New Underground Tunnel Unveiled Linking Countries (CNN) – Uh, would you ever?  I wouldn’t.  We all know I have mass transportation anxiety, and then throw that whole situation under the sea?  No thanks.

Dark Beers for People Who Don’t Like Dark Beer (Food and Wine) – That’s me.  I am happy to report the last few dark beers I’ve tried have actually been pleasantly flavored, and have the texture of actual beer.  None of that Guinness-y milky business.  Guh.  Unfortunately, the people who made this list included Guinness, because they’re sellouts.  Don’t be defined by Guinness!


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