Renewed Zest for Hollywood Feuds, Arrests, and the Food and Wine Diet

It was a big weekend for me.  I survived the ride back to Halifax alone.  If I didn’t express it enough in my latest Happy Hour post, I am actually pretty terrified of flying, which is totally ridic considering the amount of traveling I do.  It’s definitely the premise of giving up control that irks me, one reason why I’m a tiger on road trips.  I create my own destiny there.  I was telling my family that every time I’m on a plane that successfully lands, I feel like I’ve beat a terminal illness or something and immediately have a new, grateful lease on life.  It’s actually pretty adorable.

So with that renewed zest, let’s jump right into gossip and entertainment.  It’s Monday, we’ll take it easy.


Chris Brown Arrested for Felony Assault (CNN) – Okay, really.  What further proof do we need that this guy is scum and should be in jail?  I know, you like his songs, but I think it’s safe to say Bruno Mars has taken his place as “the next talented Michael-Jackson-of-the-80’s-esque-guy.”  It’s time to let Chris go.

The Latest ‘Hunger Games- Catching Fire’ Trailer (Huffington Post) – Sure, I’m looking forward to the next HG installment.  But, I don’t know, I may be more excited about Anchorman 2.  Watch this trailer and decide.

Lady Gaga/Kelly Osbourne Feud Continues With Possible Insincere Birthday Cake (The Mirror) – I’ll admit, I am not up to date on the latest on this one, but when I saw Kelly post something on Instagram that said “eat my shit,” I became invested.  Yikes.  Sounds like someone needs some cake.  Get up to speed here.

The Best Ways to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast (HuffPo Taste) – Maybe it’s because someone on Twitter said it was Chocolate Day (whatever that is,) or maybe it’s because a million years later, I finally watched ‘Chocolat‘, but either way, it’s all that’s been on my mind for the last 24 hours.  Get your chocolate fix early so you can either feel awesome and go on to have a fabulous day, or have debilitating guilt that will throw you into a long-term binge.  The choice is yours.

The Food and Wine Diet- Smoked Salmon and Riesling (Food and Wine) – While we’re on the topic of food, this one jumped at me when I saw, “food and wine pairing for under 600 calories.”  Who cares what it is, I’m in.  Luckily, I’m a lover of all things salmon, and a new friend of Riesling.  It was my go-to summer wine, and I don’t see any reason to stop drinking it now.

Some say minimalist, I say MINE-imalist. Yeah, it’s Monday.

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