Introducing the New Christian Grey, Baby George in a Dress, and DWTS Hook-Ups You Never Knew About

It’s already Thursday which means my happy fun time in Buffalo is almost over, and I don’t love that.  I’ll still be quite happy when my plane touches down in Halifax on Saturday and I can continue with my yearlong adventure of discovering Canada’s best (?) city. I’ll be adding more great Haligonian finds to my DS Abroad section in the upcoming weeks so you can follow me there.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Halloween and Christmas time looks like in the HRM.

In the meantime… have you heard?


50 Shades Recast the Role of Christian Grey (Entertainment Weekly) – Jamie Dornan.  Hm.  I have to let this one simmer for a few…

Oh. Okay.

Baby George Gets Christened, Looking Adorable and Chubby (EOnline) – George had the first spot until I found that picture above.  Honorable mention to the royal baby and his flowy little dress that kind of matched his mom’s.  She better enjoy that now while she can still get away with it!

Study Says First-Borns Are Smarter (CNN) – Hey- don’t get mad at me.  Get mad at science. That doesn’t mean your father and I love you any less.

Ellen Sends Staffers to Walking Dead Themed Haunted House (Today) – I watched this live and laughed my butt off the entire time.  If you don’t love Ellen, you aren’t American (or Canadian.)

Dancing With the Stars Hookups (The Celebrity Cafe) -If you’ve ever watched the half naked dancers bumping and grinding and talking about their “deep connection” as partners, and thought- “yep, they’re doing it,” you probably weren’t wrong!  Sooo scandalous.


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