Buzzing WIth Engagements, Marriages, Fall TV Scorecard, and Dirty Birds Cleaning Up.

I’m vibrating with enerrrrgyyyyyy!  Whoa.  It could be the power yoga I did this morning, or the family/friends love vibe, or all the goodies in the world today.  Who cares.  It’s delish.  Shall we?


Kim and Kanye are Engaged! (E Online) – Look, whether you give a hoot or not, since I first broke the news of a soon-to-be North West with my first ever Daily Sampler, I am obligated to follow the story, k?  Don’t you at least want to see the ring?

Kelly Clarkson Gets Married (ABC News) – In other happy marital news, K.Clark tied the knot over the weekend and looked pretty spectacular doing so, I believe.  Very ‘Bridges of Madison County’.

Atlanta Falcons Disinfect Locker Room After Buccaneers Leave (Bleacher Report) – In very OCD fashion (I relate 110%,) the dirty birds went ahead and wiped down the entire locker room after one of those people may have had MRSA.  Nast!

4 Exercises That Are a Complete Waste of Your Time (FitDay) – When you are in workout emergency mode, like myself, ain’t nobody got time for doing stuff that isn’t helping!  I was a little worried my beloved elliptical would be on that list, but fear not, we are good.  Still, your fav exercise might be there so……

Fall TV Scorecard (CNN) – Is your new addiction going to make the cut?  If your new addiction is say, “Betrayal,” you better start praying.  That show is garbage.

Do not be fooled by this picture. The show is yawn and these people have zero chemistry.

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