Traditional Sampler of Tina Fey Crushing, Natural Remedies, and Bad Travel Choices

Hello, hello.  I’m in the mood for some good old fashioned sampling, aren’t you?  Dive in.


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to Host Golden Globes For the Next 2 Years (CNN) – Well, well, looks like someone has been reading this blog, or at least smartened up!  As per many other comments, once they do two years, let Ricky Gervais do two, repeat, repeat.


When in Rome, Don’t Do These Things that Romans Don’t Do (Huffington Post) – I wish I had seen this list about six months ago. I present it to you now, and you can stick it in your back pocket.

Essential Natural Remedies That Should be in Your Medicine Cabinet (MindBodyGreen) – As I write this, I’m being coughed on by whomever is seated behind me.  This sample seems apropos.  This will also be the first year in a while I go without a flu shot, and well- anything that is preventative western medicine care.  Should be a quick and healthy winter, right?

The Truth About Charlie Hunnam Dropping Out of 50 Shades (NYDailyNews) – We all knew it wasn’t because he was “too busy” filming his TV show.  I figured it was because Dakota Johnson is a whole lot of MEH, but I guess the reason is slightly more professional than that.  I will be PISSED if Boone, I mean Ian Sommerhalder campaigns himself successfully into the role.  Not into it.

Fall Crock Pot Recipes (Eating Well) – It was mildly disturbing, how excited I got when I finally pulled my Crock Pot out of a box and put it on my new kitchen countertop.  I’ve already used it twice.  Can’t stop.  It’s always such a joy when you realize you really can dump a bunch of stuff in a pot and it will actually taste good in a few hours.  That’s my kind of meal.


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