The In-Between: In Search of High-Adventure Newlyweds

I started to write this post the other day but then couldn’t publish it.  I think it’s because I knew how bitchy and ungrateful it sounded.  I tried to revise, but then it still ended up sounding bitchy and ungrateful.  Sorry.  It happens.

I began thinking about my lifestyle compared to the lifestyle of what seems like every other person my age in the world, and I was feeling kinda crappy about it.  Not to disappoint anyone living vicariously through this blog, but there are some downsides to living the untraditional newlywed life- traveling all over, not knowing from year to year where we’ll live, work, play, etc.  You don’t get to put down roots or nest.  It’s hard to make plans for anything.  Living in someone else’s house really got to me this week, and I threw a bit of a tantrum about it.  I knew how silly it was, but I did it anyways.

I decided to dig for some positive vibes by looking into various kinds of newlywed lifestyles, and hoped to find some inspiring blogs or articles.  The two premises were: newlyweds who travel/or do something different/live outside the proverbial box, and newlyweds who do the “traditional” thing and buy a house, settle in, have babies within the first year or two.  Guess what I found: not too many of the former, and a TON of people wanting to talk about the latter.  The world is chock full of women, primarily, who want to talk about their lives remodeling their new home or being a mommy.  It’s not that I don’t respect that, in fact, I want all of that very much and someday I may even (gulp) include that in my own blogging, but right now, I want to read about the other side; see other people like me.  It goes to show that maybe more women need to share their non-traditional stories.

One thing I did find, and I’m fully aware that this will piss some people off, but I think it’s both amusing/disconcerting that when one Googles “newlywed blogs,” the majority of results read something like:  “I’m so and so’s southern belle wife and fierce Christian follower of my Lord and Savior, JC.  Watch me bake this pie.”  Really.  Try it.  That is what you will get.  There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not really my genre of choice, but if it’s yours- you have PLENTY of reading material out there!  Let’s just say I find it a little one-dimensional; the market for that is a little overcrowded.  Again- I return to my search.

Here is what I’ve found so far.  If you are living the “non-traditional” life, I’d love to feature it here.  (Isn’t it weird that I feel the need to call it non-traditional?)

The Newlywed Nomads – Starting with a honeymoon and continuing on a one year journey abroad!

Manali and Terry Backpack Round the World – They’ve really gotten around. Had some trouble with their website in certain spots but I guess that’s because they’re so busy living life.

Newlyweds in Hamburg– Okay this is what I’m talking about.  Love Ken and Rachel!

Around the World in ____ Days – A fellow Canisius College graduate dropped everything in life (except her husband,) in favor of traveling around the world.  So cool.

The Traveling Newlyweds – Seriously, I don’t love that this isn’t updated, but that’s the selection we have out there, people!  Limited.


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