Hump Day Celebrity Gossip Train Now Leaving the Station

My loves!  I missed you!  I’m doubling up today to make up for my mini-sabbatical from the DS.  I kind of lost sight of things for those few days, in a whirlwind of moving, wondering what this year/life is supposed to all be about, learning about VPNs, things like that.  The good news: I’m all American fake-IP addressed up, I have a new show I’m obsessed with (Scandal!  Ahhhh love it!) I am also quasi-settled into the city house.  It’s good to be in town.  I really struggled with this one, for some reason.  I think I hit a wall where I thought, “Okay, this has been fun, but let’s move on and do our own thing now, in our own house, with our own kitchen utensils,” and so on.  It’s really time.  That’s another entry though, surely to show up sometime soon on The In-Between.  Today, I’m back to business of living and breathing and being grateful.  All that good stuff.  Special shout-out to a dear friend of mine who inspired me to get back out there and appreciate things.  Hopefully she knows who she is. 🙂

A lot has been happening!  Let’s get to it.


Kris and Bruce Jenner Separated After 22 Years of Marriage (CTV News) – It’s not that shocking, but still a little shocking because I really thought the whole Kris-is-a-bitchy-demon and Bruce-is-constantly-walked-on thing was at least partially an act for the show.  Guess not.  Man, those Kardashians can’t catch a break lately.  Have you read the sister’s tell-all yet?

The Simpsons to Kill Off Major Character (MSN) – Say it ain’t so.  Or you can say you’re surprised like I was, because I didn’t realize the Simpsons were airing new episodes!  Whoops.  RIP Lisa (maybe.. she’s always been a buzzkill.)

Tom Hanks Has Type 2 Diabetic (LATimes) – My poor, sweet Tom!  I was sad to see this, but felt a lot better after reading about the Late Show interview that directly quoted Hanks-isms like, “Something’s gonna kill us all, Dave.”  Hahaha.  Love him!!  He really is America’s sweetheart.

Prince Harry to Wed Next Year? (People) – Well, ladies of the 80’s.. your last chance at royalty may be ending sooner than you thought.  Looks like things are getting pretty serious over there in the UK.  I’m relieved that I found love before I had to worry about this (and like most of my childhood, my older cousin got first dibs on the best goods- Will while I had to settle for the leftovers- Harry.)  Enjoy, Cressida!

Kanye and Jimmy to End Fight, Tonight?! (Perez Hilton) – I think this was probably all for show, but I enjoy the comedic brilliance of JK, so I’ll probably tune in anyways.  He earned my respect long ago with his weekly “Unnecessary TV Censoring.”



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