Super-sized Happy Hour : Pumpkins, Oktoberfest, and Moving (Oh My!)

I’ve slacked the last 2 days but it’s Friday afternoon, a gloriously spectacular fall day, a new chapter begins this weekend in (another) new house, and I’m ready to go.  Side note: I’m flying high on iced coffee and a chocolate peanut butter truffle…so that could also be the reason for my surge of fantastic-ness.  Yes- you read right, we are moving, AGAIN, but that’s IT (for 7 months.)  After that, your guess is as good as mine.  I feel like there’s a business venture in this somewhere….

One reason I’m particularly excited to officially be settled in Halifax is because despite the beauty of the lake house, it’s been harder to “get to know” the city while living 20+ minutes away.  I look forward to being able to walk places, ride the bus, and do the whole city life thing for the first time really, ever.  I’m a suburban girl born and raised, but it’s always been my plan to have a more city-based experience.  I’ll even be living in a 92 year old house- which is NOT haunted, don’t worry, I checked ahead of time.  It all starts Monday..

Until then- some Friday happy! Weeeeeeeee!

Free Printable Pumpkin Carving Stencils and Ideas (Better Homes and Gardens) – Have you gotten yours yet?  We are feeling the pressure this year, in a new neighborhood that is proclaimed to be “very into Halloween.”  Now, I’m no artiste…but I like this site because there are an assortment of ideas based on your talent level (or lack there of, in my case.)

Easy Tricks to Make Moving and Traveling More Enjoyable (Buzzfeed) – This is purely selfish, but maybe someone out there is also moving this weekend, for the 5th time in a year, like I am.  It’s still a great vacation packing list, and I know 9 out of 10 of you need a vacation…

Oktoberfest Recipes (SeriousEats) – This is also slightly selfish because for some unknown reason, all I can think about these days is sauerkraut.  I still blame my favorite Lithuanian friends for that.  They know who they are and what their mother’s homemade kraut did to my psyche, over a year ago.  Anyways, it’s a great time to pretend you live in Germany and fill yourself with unidentifiable meat products and beer.



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