Saturday Lip Syncs, Fall Boots, and the Battle For Pumpkin Latte Dominance

It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood, hope the same is true for wherever you are.  Actually, we don’t really have a neighborhood, but a fabulous lake, which I will miss when we move to our final destination in Halifax next weekend.  It’s been very zen, but I look forward to being closer to the city center and further away from the single-lane line of traffic into town.  I blame this, of course, on my inability to produce meaningful workouts, social interactions, or job opportunities.  It will surely get better next weekend.  Right?  Mmmhmm.  So for now…


Jimmy Fallon’s Epic Lip Sync Battle (Gawker) – I’m sure you’ve seen this by now, but if you haven’t, spend the 8 minutes of your day to watch.  It’s pretty good.  Almost good enough to make me think I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  ALMOST.

Best Chain Pumpkin Spice Latte Battle (Huffington Post) – For all you ladies people that get your panties in a twist over pumpkin spice latte season, this one’s for you.  Maybe you don’t have to pay $6.32 or whatever for a fancy fall treat, afterall.  PS- has anyone ever actually seen a guy drink one?!  I didn’t think so.

Fall Boot Trends 2013 (Oprah) – It’s booooooootttttsss seeeaaaahhhhhsooooonnnnnnnn! (in my best Oprah giveaway voice.)  Not that this is a giveaway.  We’re not that kinda blog, guys.  Hit me up with a few thousand hits a day and we’ll revisit this discussion.  Anyways, nothing gets me more pumped than new boots and jackets time, and fair warning: if you don’t order your boots like yesterday, you won’t be able to find the perfect size/color/price later on.  That’s from experience.  Do not wait.

Ways to be Healthy When You’re Broke (Mind Body Green) – Some sweet day, I hope to post articles more like, “What to do with all them fat stacks,” or “When you’ve donated half your money to charity but still have billions left, what to do next,” etc.  Until then- let’s keep dreamin’ and hopefully working our way to hot millionaire minds and bodies, in the meantime.


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