Small Plates For Crippled People: TV, Books, and Pain Fighting Foods

So sorry for the technical difficulties today.  On three let’s all give a big, resounding, “THANKS WORDPRESS.”  Sometimes this thing has a mind of it’s own.  Anyways, thanks for all the love- hope you enjoyed the Emmys Live Sampling last night.  It made it much more interesting for me, seeing as it was, in my opinion, one of the more boring shows to date.

Now because life is hilarious, I am laid up this evening from my latest lower back episode.  It’s one of the swell parts of being in my family: high skin cancer risk, bad cuticles, and back/hip spasms.  Other than that, my family is the best so don’t you dare think otherwise.  While I’m lounging on my bad couch and/or bad mattress all night, I’ll leave some small plates to hold you over.  It’s always right when I finally get my exercise routine going with some momentum when the Universe is like, “Here- try it with a side of PAIN. MUHAHAHAHHAA.”


The Best of TV’s New Fall Season (The Buffalo News) – Many shows are premiering this week, lucky for me and my gimp.  This is a somewhat cynical view on what shows have promise this season, because Buffalonians are a cynical group.  Just make your own judgment call, and you’ll be a-OK.

The Latest From Elizabeth Gilbert (Oprah) – If books are more your thing, read about the latest from E.G., aka the Eat, Pray, Love lady.  After EPL, I tried Committed, and honestly- couldn’t get into it, which I was bummed about.  She’s back to her original love, fiction, so maybe that’s a better thing for us all.  The Signature of All Things.  Go get it.

Pain Fighting Foods (AARP) – The scariest thing about this article isn’t its startling medical advice, it’s that I posted an article from AARP.  Because people associated with AARP are EXPECTED to have back pain, not hip-ish youngsters like myself.  Geesh.  I’m just gonna chalk it up to Monday and hope for a more flexible day tomorrow.


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