The Daily Sampler Abroad: Haliax – Humani-T Cafe

Another day, another coffee shop, and I’m pleased to say, I’ll be visiting Humani-T Café whenever humanly possible.  I don’t mean to gush, but I think I’m going to a little.  Maybe it’s just from the perspective of someone who spends many hours in coffee-based establishments, but I truly appreciate when the atmosphere is nice,  and when the options and seating are plentiful.  Humani-T has it all, with maybe the exception of seating options at what oddly seemed to be their peak afternoon time, between 2-3PM.

I walked in to the location at 1451 South Park St. in downtown Halifax, and was surprised how large the cafe was.  It’s a brightly patterned Pinterest fantasyland, complimented by pillow-filled seating nooks and geometric lighting fixtures.





The fun continues as you walk first past the gelato (!) counter.  The choices rival many of the Italian cafes I frequented this summer.  Great.  Just when I thought I was free and clear to begin my new diet.  I also appreciate that a small gelato is accurately labeled, “piccolo.”  Viva Italia!


Once you’ve talked yourself out of gelato because it’s 2PM and you still haven’t worked out, you will encounter the cakes, pastries, and chocolates case.  Good luck.


Thankfully, Humani-T offers a pretty wide variety of sandwiches, panini, soups, oatmeal, and breakfast that’s offered all day long.


Because I’m boring, I ordered a medium roast house coffee and drank it a little too quickly.  Hadn’t had coffee yet at this point.  I did get a little nervous about going up for another hit once things got pretty crowded in there; didn’t want to tease patrons with my seemingly empty seat.  I braved the long line and was so grateful when the barista told me the refill was on the house!  I don’t know if that’s policy at Humani-T, but after what I’ve seen in and around Halifax, free refills are a thing of the past.  How lovely!

Clearly, I think you should stop in to Humani-T Cafe’s downtown location.  I am aware of the North End locale, and heard it’s quite different, however owned by the same family.  It’s a great place to set up shop and work, have a drink, a snack, a dessert, or a full out lunch.  I forgot to mention their extensive selection of teas, which I plan to sample during my next trip.

The shortage of seating during the mid-afternoon hours may have been an issue had I just arrived at that time, but this did seem to clear up at about 4PM.  Also, (just is a personal preference of mine,) there was Splenda available in a canister, but nothing to serve it up with.  I’m partial to the little packets for my terrible habit, but would be open to using the bulk version had there been a spoon.


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