Sober Sundays : The Cost of Drinking in Nova Scotia

This weekend, we made our first visit to the NSLC, also known as the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.  Why do that when you can just run to a normal liquor or grocery store, you may ask?  Well, that’s because you CAN’T.  There are few places in Nova Scotia (so I’m told,) where you can buy wine, liquor, or beer that aren’t government-controlled operations.  This is also why I’ll be paying $42.98 for my case of Coors Light (as IF!) and you’ll be paying your traditional $18.99, never giving a second thought to carelessly spilled beer from your pong game.  Meanwhile, over in Halifax, I’ll be licking the cooking wine off my frying pan, lest we WASTE that precious  liquid gold.

This is real life.
This is real life.

Other steals include moderate American “vintages” like Sutter Home and Gallo for $12.49.  That’s white zinfandel, guys.  Just think for a minute about that one.


But wait.  It gets worse.

It might not FEEL classy, but for $45.49, you've upgraded to classy.
It might not FEEL classy, but for $45.49, you’ve upgraded to classy.

When I feel like splurging, I might go ahead and support my guy, Mr. Dave Matthews.

Hope that bonus buy option is around for a while..
Hope that bonus buy option is around for a while..

The one interesting prospect was the wine room, which contained several types of NSLC’s “house wine”, which you could load up, growler-style for only about $8 a bottle.  The catch (you knew there was a catch!) is that you must fill up an entire case.  No light drinkers allowed.


I’m sorry, do I sound bitter?  My reaction was actually quite measured compared to the hubs, who shook his head in disbelief for a good 15 minutes at the selection of “world brand” beer, including Miller and Rolling Rock.  Exotic.  Thankfully, we did still see this as an option:


Now, for those readers that will be crying out for Canadian justice , saying, “It’s not so bad! We’re the drunkest people in North America!” I will say this to you- HOW?  How do you do it?  Really, I am genuinely curious.  It’s looking like we are about to lead the healthiest, most sober year of our lives, unless you provide us with stress-saving tips.  So much for drinking being my new full time hobby.

Moral of the story: thank your sweet, lucky stars that you can run to the corner store or gas station down the street on your way to a party, or make a quick stop for a bottle of wine to go with that big fat steak you’re having for dinner. Also be grateful that you can buy 3 bottles of wine for under $30, if you’re playing your cards right.  Enjoy your Sunday Funday, sand baggin’ S.O.Bs.


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