A Saturday Pity Party With the Blobfish, Farmed Atlantic Salmon, and Arsenio Hall

Happy weekend.  I’m glad you made it through Friday the 13th, (and glad that I also made it, living on “Hatchet Lake” in the middle of the constantly foggy woods.)  I’ve already been warned that it might be the perfect opportunity for a masked serial killer to come get me.  So because we survived, even more reason to jump head first into living a healthier lifestyle, which I’ve been chasing unsuccessfully for at least 6 months now.  Basically, despite all our best efforts, knowledge, and and opportunity, we’ll be starting from scratch, so you can follow that journey over on The In-Between.  For now, get your coffee and dig in.


The World’s Ugliest Animal (The Age) – While we prepare for prestigious upcoming awards like The Emmy’s next Sunday, another prestigious award was quietly handed out without much pomp or circumstance.  The world’s ugliest animal went to a very depressed looking blobfish, and it turns out he’s depressed because he’s ALSO endangered.  And you thought you were having a bad day.  If nothing else, you can save this image to your smartphone and send it to wrong numbers who harass you all night long.

Inventor of the phrase, “Meh.”

10 Tools for Tailgating (KegWorks) – One thing I’m already missing living way up in the corner of the world is sports.  Real live sports with pre-sports tailgating, specifically.  If you’re one of the lucky ones tailgating today or tomorrow, make sure you read this first, and have a parking lot bloody mary for me, k? (GO BLUE/GO BILLS.)

Wild Salmon vs. Farmed Salmon (YouTube) – It’s like Nova Scotia APES read my news feed this week as I was researching that age old question, what is the difference between wild vs. farmed salmon, and does it really matter?  Turns out, duh, yes it does.  This chef guy, Marcus Guiliano gives a simple, (albeit unpolished) explanation of why this is all important.

Fig Recipes (Huffington Post) – I’m embarrassed to say, I recently had my first, real-deal fig in Italy and of course, it was delicious.  Figs are enjoying their second season right now through the early parts of fall, so this is the time to do some experimenting.  Even if it’s just some fig+cheese+honey, you will have a happy little treat and feel like you’re kind of important and sophisticated.  Here are some other recipes for those who want to try harder with figs.

The Return of Arsenio Hall (Grantland) – When I realized, oh yeah, Arsenio Hall is back, I wanted to look into what exactly brought about this return and also maybe why it even happened.  The original Arsenio was just a faint memory from my childhood, but most people who tuned in the first time around really enjoyed him.  I got a good background from this article, and it was an interesting look into what the former late night star needs to do to stay relevant (and it’s gotta be more than what he’s doing now!)  Ah TV.. you’re so judgmental.  Love you.


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