The Daily Sampler Abroad: Halifax – Sampler Bites

Nosh on these sampler bites whilst I work on today’s main course.

The Wired Monk (5147 Morris St., downtown Halifax) provided me with an enjoyable work spot and a pleasant lunch one day last week. I particularly enjoy their large mugs. If it’s not a large mug, why even bother? Because I arrived late, I was disappointed to see they were out of their soup for the day, so instead I ordered the grilled veggie wrap with goat cheese. The wrap hit the spot…all that melty cheese becoming one with the grilled veggies, but I didn’t see the point in including 3.5 tortilla chips as a side. I would have rather had a nice pickle or maybe even 4 chips. Liked the WM and would definitely return. Fun downtown location!


Bubba Ray’s Sports Bar (5650 Spring Garden Road, Halifax) was the place that provided us all our college football needs this past weekend. I called ahead to make sure we’d be able to watch the MICHIGAN/notredame game Saturday night, and they assured us we would. The best part of the Bubba Ray’s experience was how we were greeted by Brian as soon as we walked in. Again, we asked if we could have the game on, WITH sound (you’d be surprised how much of a fight this can be at other sports bars,) and he said yes, absolutely. He then checked on us several times throughout the night to make sure everything was peachy. As out of town sports fanatics, we appreciated this, a lot. Thanks, Brian! As for food and drink, we went directly for the least healthiest choice, Bubba’s Main Event, which included a little of most fried appetizers on the menu. The one thing we were waiting to try, the fried pepperoni, was sold out, so we were bummed about that. They did provide us with a full order of wings to make up for it. The rest of the menu seemed a little on the pricey side for bar food, but that just may be us still attempting to adjust to Canadian inflation.

Hart and Thistle (1869 Upper Water St., downtown Halifax) got some bad reviews, if we’re being honest. When I heard we were meeting some friends there for drinks, I wondered what would be in store for us. What I found was the ever-charming waterfront patio (albeit it covered in a murky fog), a friendly and prompt waitress, and a giant pile of beautiful, plump mussels, with a decent microbrew. Have I had better beer? Probably, but at that moment, having my seafood dinner while boat gazing, it all just fit together. I would go back to Hart and Thistle and I can’t wait to spend more time down on the far side of the harbor.



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