Another Monday Hodge Podge : iPhones vs. Androids, Pumpkin Seeds vs. Miley, and America vs. Everyone

It’s a good old fashioned Monday hodge-podge, and why?  To honor how scattered I’ve felt today.  That’s Monday for ya, right?  My all over the place-ness comes from some new things I’m working on in the coming weeks.  For you, that means my continued Nova Scotia adventure, plus new features and hopefully new reasons for you to avoid your day job.  You know I’m here for you in that respect, always.


How Will the New iPhone Measure Up (CNN) – I’m an Apple lady through and through, but I’ll admit, there were some growing pains when I initially switched from my Android to an iPhone.  With the shiny new 5S to be unveiled this week, many are wondering if Apple has been listening.  Meanwhile, I’m just happy to have a phone that not only works on a Canadian network, but TAKES PICTURES.  AND THEN UPLOADS THEM.  You try spending 2 months without that!

Jay Cutler Don’t Care (The Sports Bank) – This is old, old news, apparently, but somehow, I just heard about it this week, and think it is hilarious.  I’m going to continue believing it is true forever, because life is easier that way.  Hope you’re enjoying NFL week 1 (my fantasy teams aren’t.)

18 Countries That Eat/Drink/Smoke More Than US (Huffington Post) – Thank God for this list.  See?  We aren’t that fat, hopeless, unhealthy, and broke.

13 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds (Care2) – I was going to post about Miley Cyrus’ new video, but then I remembered that I really like you guys and decided to share this pumpkin seeds article, instead.  I love those little buggers!



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