The Daily Sampler Abroad: Halifax – Thai Ivory Cuisine

We lovvvvve Thai food, but we don’t really have it that much, usually because we’re distracted by other fine choices like sushi or Chinese.  Earlier this week, we took the ‘drive somewhere, park, and then figure it out’ approach to dinner, and ended up at Thai Ivory Cuisine, 6303 Quinpool Road in Halifax.  Husband chose it because it was right in front of us and I agreed after seeing the pretty chandeliers inside.

When we sat down to dinner we were the only people in the entire restaurant- and it’s a pretty large restaurant.  This concerned me.  Sure, it was Tuesday night, but the weather was nice, and it was a sophisticated 7:30PM.  Hubs pointed out that maybe takeout was more their scene, but I pointed again to the several chandeliers and intricate decor.  Mmmm hm.



It took us no less than 15-18 minutes to make our dinner decision and that’s because the menu is GIANT.  Maybe 10 pages long.  Well, maybe not but it seemed that way, with lots of options per page, several specifications per option.  Because of this, I panicked and ordered Pad Thai with chicken.  Nothing wrong with a classic, but I felt a little bad that I didn’t choose option #27 or option #143 with shrimp.  The husband chose the Crispy Chicken Dish, which came with red and green pepper, onion, carrot, pineapple, cucumber, garlic, and a Thai sweet and sour sauce.

We both found our dishes to be a little on the sweet side.  They had that real syrupy thing going on that generally happens with say, Americanized Chinese food.  Both were really good, but my Pad Thai could have used a little more of a kick.  Hubs’ chicken was a pretty standard sweet-n-sour.  All the veggies involved seemed fresh which is always a welcomed sight.  We’d both order something different next time, and we’d still have a hard time choosing!



I’m probably going to get one of these for my house.

We found Thai Ivory to be surprisingly good, fresh, and an overall pleasant experience.  Huge menu.  Reasonable prices.  Full bar.  Enjoyable ritzy South Asian decor.  Interested in trying them for take out, sometime.

– We’d love to see more people dining there, and more wait staff!


5 thoughts on “The Daily Sampler Abroad: Halifax – Thai Ivory Cuisine

      1. the winegetter says:

        Yeah, it can be a bit of a challenge, at least it seems to be here in A2. Thai food is usually not in a sticky sauce like in Adam’s dish. That is much more *cough*badchinese*cough*…:)

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