The DS: Student Life Edition – The Gorsebrook & Oasis

Today, I had my first brush with student life in Halifax, and you know what? Not that bad. In my undergrad days, I lived it up with the best of them, roaming the streets of Buffalo with my crew, flashing our fake IDs, being all around sweet and awesome most nights of the week. For grad school, I often pretended that I wasn’t a mid/late 20s Masters student, going out to bars on the University of Michigan campus that I had no business being at. Don’t worry, I realized this and felt immediately ridiculous, sticking to “adult” bars thereafter. So today, I fully expected to feel like someone’s grandmother when I was invited for a happy hour beverage at the campus bar. Turns out, I blended in just fine (in my head, at least.)

The campus bar is really on campus! I know that might not seem weird to you, but in the States, alcohol ironically has no place on any campus. It is BANNED from student activities, including some of the country’s largest sporting events. I guess it’s because people aren’t actually supposed to drink until they’re 21, but still. Having a college bar within the college is kick-ass. Okay, sorry. I’m over it.

The Gorsebrook Lounge is quite large and located within the Saint Mary University student center. It has that elusive foosball table we spent all last weekend looking for, plus lots of seating, pool tables, big screens, and pub food. I opted for the $7 “Thunder Mug” which did the trick just fine. You can also go smaller and get a $5 “real” beer that isn’t Coors or Molson Canadian. I say, when in Canada… eh? Just go for it!


At around 8PM, we headed over to The Oasis for 40 cent wings and $10 pitchers of beer. Now when I say wings, I’m sure you’re thinking, “GOD NO! DON’T DO IT!!! YOU ARE FROM BUFFALO! IT WILL DISGRACE THE GOOD NAME OF THE CHICKEN WING!” If you weren’t thinking that, then you’ve never had real Buffalo wings. They are hard to top. I am happy to report that the wings, although small, were cooked properly and had the right texture and flavor. We ordered ours hot with a side of blue cheese (a must), and chipotle sauce. We also ordered a $5.79 basket of sweet potato fries, which I would NOT recommend. To quote the husband, there was “no value” in that choice- the fries were floppy and tasteless and the basket wasn’t even half filled with fries. If you need a side with your wings, go double meat and get the fried pepperoni. Seriously- if you’re going to go out heart attack style, might as well go full throttle. I haven’t tried them yet but several people recommended them. Maybe the same day I succumb to poutine…


It also happened to be karaoke night at The Oasis- the full participation kind, including a dude with a guitar to play along to your tune. Now that’s rock star. It was a packed house- the fight for a seat kind of packed- and incredibly loud. Forget trying to have a conversation. Ahh therrrrrre it is. The crotchety old lady comment. You knew it was coming!

+ The Gorsebrook Lounge and The Oasis Pub are good fun for students and student wannabes. Decent drink and food deals, enjoyable atmospheres for large meet ups.

The Oasis might need to hire more servers. Our waitress was nothing short of incredible, but she seemed to be the only one working our side of the bar- with around 50+ people. Bless her soul. PS don’t get sweet potato fries!


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