Small Plates of Dancing, New Babies, and All Things Fall Entertainment

Oh boy.  I had a busy day of getting an ID card (really, who does that?) gym-hunting, and fantasy football drafting.  This will be a quick one with things that interest me, only.


Latest DWTS Cast Revealed (CNN) – I don’t know why I still post this.  I like that this article acknowledges that it’s getting a little stale AND that thankfully, it will only be on once a week instead of all 5 friggin’ days.  MAYBE I’ll watch.  Maybe.  #teamsnooki

Gwen Stefani Expecting Third Child (US Weekly) – Yayyyy!  The Rossdales are pretty much my favorite Hollywood family.  They’re all adorable, and yes, I’ve let go of Gavin (first love) and only wish him the best.  Fingers crossed for a girl…she will be finely dressed.

Fall Entertainment Guide (CNN) – Love everything about this, because I’m always the last to know when so-and-so releases a new album or a new book comes out that I probably won’t get around to reading.

Final thoughts: If you live in Michigan or New York State (I can speak to those,) you stop complaining right now about the wait at the DMV.  You haven’t seen anything.  Also, happy birthday to my fabulous girlfriend.

I’m pretty sure she was with me in spirit as I drafted for Team Dick Genthe. B-DAY.

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