Putting the U in Labor Day With 50 Shades of Veggies, Yoga, and Fantasy Football Prep

Ohhh it’s been so, so long since I did an “original Sampler,” one in which we discuss things like cooking things in Crockpots and why a celebrity wore an outfit that looked like a piece of furniture, etc.  In honor of Labor Day, (or LaboUr Day if that’s your thing,) let’s do a whole lot of nothing for this one, and read on about some fun stuff gathered from around that sweet waster of time, the Internet.


50 Shades of Grey Lead Actors Revealed (Daily Mail) – It’s official. The roles have been cast, and two “up-and-comers” have been chosen to play Anastasia and Christian. I’ll admit, I was a fan of Matt Bomer for Mr. Grey, but after I Googled Charlie Hunnam, I made peace with the outcome.

Don’t be scared. This is his “Sons of Anarchy” look. I’m okay with it.

Last Ditch Effort Summer Veggie Recipes (Bon Appetit) – I have very, very few regrets about my summer, how could I?  One regret I do have is not enjoying more in-season summer veggie delights, when they were so fresh and plentiful.  I will remedy that by getting really personal with all the fall and winter vegetables coming out, EVEN the ones I feel uncomfortable with.  Until then, make it count right now.

John Mayer Swears He’s Done with the Fame Game (Rolling Stone) – Yeah, sure you are buddy.  Just ready the first paragraph of whining and you’ll want to give him a nod and a sarcastic wink, too.

Why Yoga is Great When You’re Unemployed (MindBodyGreen) – A friend of mine declared that Nova Scotia looked like a great place to start meditating when she saw my first pictures.  I feel like she’s right, not only because I imagine myself looking just like the lady in this article, but because I have “a lot of time on my hands” right now.  You call it unemployed, I call it exploration.

10 Things Owners Should Know Before Drafting Their Fantasy Team (Bleacher Report) – One team down, another to draft this Wednesday.  I’m nowhere near a newbie, but I thought these list items were great for first timers, as well as people that put off preparation until the moment they have to make their first pick, and then announce they are “winging it this year.”  (Me, every season.)


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