Nova Scotia : Day 1

Today was my first whole day in Nova Scotia.  It was good, thanks.  Honestly, I wanted to report on all my amazing discoveries, but mostly I discovered a few things not really worth noting.  You’re going to have to read them anyways.

1. There are a lot of freaky looking spiders in Nova Scotia.  I’ll be doing a lot of research into which ones could potentially kill me while I sleep.

2.  Some Nova Scotians aren’t as friendly as I wanted them to be.

3.  Some Nova Scotians ARE, and VERY chatty!

4.  There only seems to be one traffic-filled road in and out of the city.

5.  Alexander Keith’s Amber Ale is not as bad as everyone said it was going to be.

6.  I have access to American television and a DVR.  Goodbye potential new hobbies!

7.  Pretty much everything you need to do to get set up in Nova Scotia can be done at the mall, as long as it’s before 4PM.  After that, the government workers at Canadian services no longer care that you need a social insurance number in order to collect your paycheck.

Pretty fascinating stuff.  I can’t even imagine what I’m going to discover on day 2.


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