The Road

A few notes from the road:

• New York to Maine IS a trip you can
make in a day and still have time to
contemplate that you’re in Maine and
how weird it is that you’re in Maine.

• You automatically upgrade to “road
dawg” status if you manage to only
stop once the entire time. You should
feel superior to others at this point.

• If you happen to stop in Portland,
Maine, visit the following places: The
Portland Regency Spa, Eventide
Oyster Co. (have Ryan make you a
drink!) and The Armory Lounge.

• If you don’t stop in Portland, try to find
another cute city that smells like the
ocean. Everyone should experience

• Please take the time to make a new
music mix or you’ll spend your entire
drive looking at your mom with extra
wide eyes, in an attempt to prove to
her that you’re not bored and/or falling
asleep behind the wheel.

• Everything above Bangor is my
personal heaven: 75 MPH speed limit.
Cue the angels singing.

• Watch out for moose. Or is it
meese…? I hope not to find out.



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