‘Twas the Night Before Canada

One contemplates life pretty hard on the night before moving to another country for a year. Normally, I would not even refer to Canada as “another country,” because it’s closer than Pennsylvania and adorably like America’s little sister, (or brother, if you are Canadian and this analogy offends you.) Yet, when Nova Scotia is your Canadian destination, you are definitely allowed to refer to it as another country and also have a proper panic attack when you see where it is on a map.

When you’re done with your nervous breakdown and have finished explaining to your family that it’s simply a 2.5 hour plane ride away, you are faced with two choices: gear up for 365 days of bitterly hating your situation, or embrace it and live the hell out of Nova Scotia. Lucky for you, I’m choosing the latter.

Right from that revelation, I’m going to jump into something that seems a little morbid at first, but bear with me. Unfortunately, I’ve been making appearances at a lot of funerals lately. Like everyone else, I’d much prefer to fill my time with weddings and baby showers but, hey- that’s life. I always find myself watching in admiration as the celebratory slide show cycles though, again and again, painting images of the person’s life, smiling, living, enjoying their families and friends. It always makes me think about my own slide show, hopefully somewhere very far down the road, and what kind of images I hope to leave behind. So far, I’ve been abundantly blessed to have experiences that I’m proud of, that I’m excited to share with my children and grandchildren in the future. I’m happy that Nova Scotia will be among those beautiful images.

I’m also happy that truly, this year will be one of personal discovery, and an opportunity to make some big dreams come true. While I’ll always love (and still share) samplings from the fluffy world of arts and entertainment, I also want to share the journey of it all. What does it mean to pack your entire life up for a year and move to somewhere you’ve only seen pictures of? What happens when you’re homesick? What’s it like to let go of things that have been holding you back and face your fears? If you’ve been with me thus far, you know I’ll never sugarcoat. Sometimes I might even sound like a (gasp!) jerk. It’s an honor if I ever even once made you chuckle or gave you a quick escape. My thoughts will continue to be my own, my experiences are as I observe them first hand, and it’s okay if you like it, or if you don’t. I just want to keep creating interesting images for my slide show.

Thanks again for being a part of it all. The road trip begins…tomorrow.


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