What I’m Loving/Not Loving in Italy – 2nd Edition + Bonus


  • Fresh baked bread.  When you can get it.  Which is hardly ever, but it’s clear that no one really eats bread from a grocery store.
  • The freshest produce you’ve ever had.  Blink and it’s black.
  • Farm fresh eggs.  The first time I’ve ever eaten an egg that didn’t come in a Styrofoam carton.  My God, what have I been doing all these years?!
  • We bought mayo, but haven’t really found the need to open it yet.
  • Melone et creme gelato.  Great combination.
  • Italian drying racks.  You wash your dish, put it in the cupboard above, it drip dries into your sink.  Genius.
  • Apparently, Italians do partake in shots, and pride themselves on asking you to try them all.


Not Loving:

  • They haven’t yet discovered Swiffers.  There is a whole market to break into out here, Proctor and Gamble.  Real mopping is for chumps.
  • Lack of food genre.  I’m not sure they understand what variety they are missing out on, and I’d kill anyone for a fajita right about now.
  • Did I mention, I have not yet been able to get into the bakery?
  • The songs of summer, Italy 2013: Get Lucky (Daft Punk), Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke), I’m in Love (Ola), I Love It (Icona Pop).  REPEAT.

Bonus- Things You Learn Not to Take For Granted in the States:

  • Seedless grapes.  I got so excited about these giant, gorgeous grapes I bought the other day.  Then I remembered there are no conveniences in Italy, and found they were littered with seeds.  After that, I started to get worried about how they make seedless grapes in the States… that shit can’t be natural.
  • Coffee anytime of day.  If you arrive at the bar/cafe after noon, you will be given strange looks when you try to order a coffee.  You should have switched to alcohol by this time.
  • Exercise.  They don’t do it here (on purpose).  I actually feel like I have to hide the fact that I need to workout.

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