What I’m Loving/Not Loving in Italy : 1st Edition


  • Gelato any time, without judgment (that’s an obvious one.)
  • Exquisite views, almost anywhere you look.
  • Male hipsters that are ironically not trying that hard to be hipsters.  You should see these giant glasses they’re sporting.  Like 1982 giant.
  • Cheese.
  • Caffe Ducale in Irsina- your one-stop shop for coffee, panini, gelato, alcohol, pizza, large-screen sporting event viewing, late 80’s American music, and the best spot for WiFi.
  • Not a single bad meal yet.
  • Tomatoes- holy crap.  Everyday is tomato season in Italy.
  • Simplicity.
  • It’s a judgment free nap zone.  YOU are the weirdo for not napping!
  • Apparently we are hot just because we are women, and new in town?  It does wonders for your self-esteem. (*With exceptions… see below)
  • Happy Italian babies.  Every one of them has a giant grin on his/her face, knowing that they will have a life filled with delicious food and midday drinking.
  • Aqua frizzante- I haven’t had boring, regular water since I arrived.
  • Smaller portions.

Not Loving:

  • *Hardcore oggling/cat-calling.  I don’t yet have the Italian to say, “My husband will kill you with an ancient pottery shard,” because I left my inappropriate phrase book at home.
  • Toilet seat-less toilets.  It’s a real epidemic, from Venice to Rome to here.  Thankfully, our apartments are owned by Brits and Irish people.
  • The lack of a nice, oversized to-go coffee to take with me on 6:30AM hikes through the countryside.  I miss big coffees.
  • So wait, when does the pharmacy open/re-open?!  Oh, they don’t sell gauze?  Try another pharmacy?  But they’re not open today?  Ok.
  • No dryers.  It’s a rare occurrence, so you’d better hope for a windy day to get those sheets ready for your midday nap.
  • Smaller portions.
Middle of the day street- drinking. Acceptable and expected. Salut!

7 thoughts on “What I’m Loving/Not Loving in Italy : 1st Edition

  1. Frank Comisso says:

    Can’t wait to read your comment on the first trip into a deli store. Find one that’s out-of-the-way. Certainly will not be like walking into one of our supermarkets back home.

    1. The Daily Sampler says:

      There is an insanely cool deli right in the piazza near my apartment in Irsina. I’m scared to go and try to order things there!! I only know how to say, “uno mezzo kilo de proscuitto,” and that’s way too much meat for 2 people haha!

  2. thefoodandwinehedonist says:

    Ogling/cat calling is very much alive in America, you were just a little too long in Ann Arbor. If u somehow get to Greece or Turkey, you’ll get to experience the toiletteless toilet. It’s a toilet that’s just a hole in the ground. Enjoy that visual.

    1. The Daily Sampler says:

      I’ve had nightmares about Turkish toilets, but I feel very lucky to not have seen one during my trip there in 2008! It’s funny you say cat calling is dead in Ann Arbor. I felt so ugly for 4 years hahaha.

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