The Ann Arbor Sampler – The Best in Blogging

One of the cooler things I’ve done in Ann Arbor was grab an umbrella, head out to Kerrytown, and fumble my way into the first official ‘Ann Arbor Food and Wine Bloggers Meet Up’.  There, I was finally able to put some names with some beautiful faces.  These are the people I’ve been inspired by daily when scouring the Internet for interesting tidbits, local features, and delicious recipes.  To meet them at last was a mixture of excitement and disappointment.  Haha.. I knew I’d get ya there!  Keep reading.  Disappointment BECAUSE I felt fate had finally brought me to some of the coolest people in town, right in time for my exit.  That night alone was filled with laughter, great stories, delicious food, and new friendship that I hope to continue over this great and powerful online community.  Bloggers of Ann Arbor, you have my heart, and always, my admiration!

Add these to your follow list.  You will not be sorry.

The Food and Wine Hedonist – John from FWH was one of the first people I “met” once delving into the local blogging scene, and really made me feel welcome.  FWH is a well-concocted mix of recipes, drinks, amusing musings, music, Ann Arbor events, travel and TV.  Basically, FWH could be the DS’s much hotter, wiser, cooler step sibling, or something.  In my fantasy world, at least.

The Winegetter – Oliver from The Winegetter is probably my second favorite German person in Ann Arbor.  The other one is my honorary life coach, so I have to let her take the #1 spot.  Oliver is a close, close 2nd because of his charm, his passion for wine, specifically, Riesling, and the camaraderie I felt towards him after discovering he also was forced to move to Michigan for love.

Now Entering Flavor Country – I feel lucky to call Erica from NEFC one of my new favorite people.  In a crushing blow, we found out that we might be Michigan besties/soul food & drink mates, when fate delt the “Nova Scotia” card.  Forced now to continue on in a sultry long distance relationship, I shall follow her blog to the ends of the Earth.  Dramatic, huh?  Anyways, you’ll love her hilarious commentary, delicious recipes, and serious passion for all things beer.

Meg.Goes.Nom.Nom. – Meg is another one of those cool people that regret not spending more time with.  Damnit, life!  Meg does everything from original recipes, restaurant reviews, to her weekly meal plans, which make me envious of her planning skills and her ability to prepare more than one awesome meal a week.  (My limit is one MAYBE if you’re lucky.)  She’s been at it for many years now, so MGNN is one to check out and spend many hours perusing. -Food – Jessica has probably the coolest job ever, which is to be PAID to write about local food and drink happenings, recipes, you name it.  Though I haven’t (yet) had the pleasure of meeting her in person, I follow her to bring me up to date on the latest Ann Arbor food events, because I’m always the last person to find things out, generally speaking.

A2GastroBoy – I heard of the infamous A2 Gastroboy before officially meeting him at the meet up in Kerrytown, someone asking if he might make an appearance, like an elusive celebrity of some kind.  He did not disappoint.  You’ll like his good food knowledge, his no holds barred reviews, and his honey badger style of not giving a crap about what anyone thinks about it.

This is not the end.  These are just some of the Ann Arbor blogs I stalk on a daily basis, and as you know, I have little interest in reading about local things that aren’t food or drink related.  You may notice that you’ve come to the wrong list if you’re looking for World of Warcraft A2 blogs or some crap.  Keep Googling!  You’ll find it!  Instead, check out some other local favorites, below.

The Wandering Glutton 

Food Floozie

Damn Arbor


Palate of Patti

The Everyday Foodie

The Last Bite


La Vida Laura

Provence in Ann Arbor


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