Sucking With Priorities, Random Entertainment Comments, and Smelly Foods

Well, I suck a little.  I cannot appropriately prioritize.  The mix of packing (and avoiding packing), seeing dear friends and family, trying to keep up normal everyday life, and things I actually enjoy, like this blog, are proving challenging for this half perfectionist/half lazy ass.  It’s Monday night, I haven’t sampled since last week and it’s all I want to do, yet I’m sitting in the shambles of what used to be my organized apartment.  I hope that by the end of the week, I have more time to focus on things I would rather be doing.  Wish me luck, and please accept my deepest apologies.  I still think of you often.

Here’s a few random thoughts followed by a small plate:

  • Are you watching The Voice?  6 contestants left.. who should win it?  Based on the above, you can probably see why I cannot consistently keep up with the 3 nights-a-week commitment.  But, I am catching up currently.  I love you, DVR.  This is the wrong thing to say, but 2 singers in (the blonde country chick on Blake’s team and Michelle Chamuel- from Ann Arbor), I’m underwhelmed.  Don’t be mad.
  • Speaking of TV, lots of people were in a tizzy over the return of Arrested Development.  Was it any good?  I dabbled in it a bit.. but never got attached.  Mostly, I’m a TV whore so I love talking about anything worth talking about.  I’m more interested in what’s up with Portia de Rossi’s face
  • How about Michael Douglas’ cancer confession?  He didn’t seem to mention that his wife was not at fault for that one.. but yeah, silence is deafening.
  • Did you see Bruce Jenner’s comments on Kanye’s lack of support during Kim’s pregnancy?  Or how he’s only met him ONCE?!  This isn’t going to last long, is it?  Continue below.


Bruce Jenner Calls Out Kanye West For ‘Never Being Around’ (Huffington Post) – I kinda picked up on this.  Oh and they’re having a girl.  Like I promised you they were.

Bruce is probably pretty scary when he’s mad, but you can’t really tell thanks to Botox.

10 Foods That Make You Smell (The Daily Meal) – And you don’t want to smell when it’s 90 degrees out.  Just don’t.


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