My Mini Rant Goes a Lil Bit Country, Watermelons, and Summer Music Festivals- Pass the Salt

Shame…shame Adam Levine!

Adam Levine Responds to Backlash Over “I Hate This Country” Comment (People) – Ahhh calm down, flag flyers.  Adam Levine does not hate the good old U.S. of A.  What I’m guessing he meant, was that he was pretty ticked his two ladies were voted off by the American voters that- well, I’m just going to say it… tend to swing a little country these days.  I’m not sure what it is about the sweet, sappy, twangy ways of the good old boys and girls in that genre, but your average middle-American seems to eat that stuff up.  I get it- because Judith and Sarah were AMAZING- like probably could/should have won in some respects.  I guess country folk have more time on their hands 3 nights of the week…

‘The Voice’ Goes Country Again- Why it Could be the Show’s Downfall (EW) – I am feeling particularly passionate about this topic tonight.  It’s either the riesling, or my hatred of country music.  Not sure.

WEDNESDAY HELPINGS: Damn.  I should have included this topic in my last rant.  I have tried so many times to understand country music.  I even worked at a country music radio station!  Nothing, nothing has worked.  I consider myself a music connoisseur of all genres, and try to always keep an open mind, but I just don’t connect with it.  And this Voice business really is more to me about America getting it wrong- voting off people with serious, serious talent in favor of some bland, blonde copycat.  That’s what really bothers me and why I think most talent-reality shows have a very limited appeal, because so many Americans have no idea what pitch is!  But, you came here for recipes and fashion.  So let’s do that.

Watermelon! 10 Cool, Refreshing Recipes (The Kitchn) – The perfect recipes to cool down with after a country music/reality TV rant.  I can never, ever get enough watermelon on a steamy day.  Or in a steamy mood.

Hot Albums and Festivals This Summer (CNN) – Start saving up.  ‘Yeezus’ won’t come cheap.  Here’s your breakdown, by region, because that’s how CNN do.

How to Add Salt to Desserts (The Daily Meal) – Salt on desserts blows my mind.  I don’t dare try it, but usually, when I bite into a salted caramel dessert at one of the hotspots in Ann Arbor, I’m pleasantly surprised.  Not to mention the dark chocolate salted almonds I had from Trader Joe’s last month.  Should I go on?

Pass the salt, please.

15 Trends for Spring/Summer2013 (Vogue Paris) – I had to start investigating the other side of the ocean, and see how far off I’d be, wandering the streets of Rome in June.  Yeah.  They’ll know I’m a tourist.

Suuuuure. I could pull any of those off. Wink.

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