The BIG Reveal, Plus Seafood Burgers, DIY Home Beauty, and Chubby Keanu

Oh, hello there.  Hope everyone had a nice long weekend.  You may have noticed these 3 day hiatuses getting more frequent, and that’s not because you’re not special to me, it’s because I have poor time management skills.  There’s a few other reasons, too.

1) In 27 days, I’m leaving for Italy.  That’s 8 weeks in Italy, which is a dream come true for most people, including myself… but before that, I have:

2) 17 days to move most of my belongings into a storage unit down the road, separating things into ‘immediate hot weather necessities,’ and ‘freezing, butt-ass cold layers/things to pass the winter by’ piles.  The second pile will be coming with me when:

3) I return from Italy, and 10(ish) days later, I get into my car and drive 17.5 hours to Nova Scotia, where the husband and I are moving for the year.  You heard right.  Nova Scotia.  Okay… take a minute and Google it.

Yes.  It’s way the eff up there, isn’t it?  Believe me, I had a panic attack, too.  This is not a test.  After having some time to let it sit, I’m ready for the adventure.  Now that you know the gist of my crazy, but pretty cool life, you can expect a few changes.  The Daily Sampler will likely go through a summer format change, part because I’m unsure of my WiFi situation in Banzi, little baby town in Basilicata (Google that, too), and because I’ll be shifting focus to sampling the La Dolce Vita.  I hope you’ll join me for that, and my full return, with a Canadian twist in the fall!

Hey! That’s not so bad! Hi, Nova Scotia.

TUESDAY HELPINGS: We could just call it Monday, couldn’t we?  Let’s see what we can dig up.  I’ll be honest, I’m kinda craving a celebrity breakdown (that isn’t Amanda Bynes,) or something.  It’s pretty quiet out there.  Yawn.

The Evolution of Amanda Bynes (CNN) – Man, where is Charlie Sheen, circa 2011 when you need him?

The 10 Picnic Dishes to Know This Summer (Food 52) – Sorry, a little late on these.  I hope I didn’t ruin your Memorial Day.

‘Fat Keanu’ is the Hot Story du Jour (Jezebel) – I was wrong.  Something else is going on out there.  I am obligated to cover this story because of my Keanu-session from 1995-1998 (or whenever that “A Walk in the Clouds” Movie came out).  I must follow him for life, now.

Summer Fashion and Beauty Prep (Chelsea Krost) – This lady not only has a great blog featuring important topics for Millenials, like myself (I guess that’s what we’re called,) she has her own show, AND she can make a killer at-home face mask.  Just check it out, already!

9 Different Kinds of Seafood Burgers (Food & Wine) – Because I’m sick of regular burgers getting all the glory.  Jerks.

Who needs beef?

4 thoughts on “The BIG Reveal, Plus Seafood Burgers, DIY Home Beauty, and Chubby Keanu

  1. the winegetter says:

    Holy cow, that IS tons of news. WOW. Awesome. 8 weeks in Italy will be so much fun. And then the move. WOW. Things are going to change quite a bit. Will we see you at the next A2 blogger meet up?

    1. The Daily Sampler says:

      It’s pretty crazy! I’m excited.. but I probably won’t be able to enjoy any of it until I am actually IN said places. I will definitely try to make the next meet up.. it’s like the day before I’m leaving, but I had better be done packing by then!

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