Happy Hour – The Sweet and the Manly

Another weekend, another road trip! It’s weird that I haven’t yet become a trucker. With my ability to ‘hold it’ for at least 5 hours, steer with my knees, and put on a full concert, I’m a shoo-in for the job. While I’m driving tonight (and hopefully not sitting in infuriating bridge traffic,) I’ll be daydreaming about my first Memorial Day weekend drink, awaiting me upon arrival. Should I go sweet, or should I go “manly”? Those are the two major drink groups, in my book of cocktails.

Best Fruity Summer Cocktails (Cooking Channel) – After June 1, this is unavoidable.

Best Whiskey Cocktails (Bon Appetit) – I realize that not all whiskey cocktails are ‘savory’, if you will, but when I think manly, I think whiskey. It just goes together.



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