Being Lazy By Grilling Once, Growing Your Own Celery, and Not Caring About the Billboard Music Awards

Did anyone watch the Billboard Music Awards last night?  Does anyone even care?

Billboard Music Awards 2013 Best and Worst Moments (Idolator) – If it’s not hosted by Ricky Gervais, an event with elaborate gowns or celebrities drinking at tables, it’s not really worth my time, generally.  I am excited for Christina Aguilera’s slim down, though.  I am a sucker for weight loss success stories.


MONDAY HELPINGS: Today flew by thanks to being productive.  What a novel concept.  Despite all my successes (a run at 6AM, booking flights to Italy, surviving the grocery store,) I still found a few items I’d like to do a rant about in the upcoming days.  It’s been a while since I did a “monthly rant.”  Topics may include: the impossible task of finding flattering clothing for women with boobs and/or hips in 2013, why I find many female stand-up comediennes obnoxious, the increase of Canadian geese in America, etc.  Stay tuned.  I’m getting perturbed left and right these days.

Grill Once, Eat All Week (Weight Watchers) – I got this in my inbox today and it served as a nice reminder for what I should be doing each week, which is making a plan and actually following through with it.  Instead, my dinners usually occur at 5:03PM and consist of hummus, a sugar free pudding, and some cucumbers.  Not exactly a well-rounded feast.  Hand the nearest guy some meat, and let him go to town.  You’ll be set for a while.

Growing Celery Indoors: Never Buy Celery Again (17apart) – This blew MY MIND.  I saw it on a friend’s Instagram and was shocked to see you literally can grow new celery from the bottom of an old bunch in a matter of days.  With water, only.  Is it bad that this is one of the coolest things I’ve learned in a while?

SNL Bids Farewell to Bill Hader With a Stefon Wedding (Rolling Stone) – I am a little bummed I missed it, but only half believe it was actually a “great episode,” as they are saying it was.  Poor SNL.  I just don’t know what to say about them these days…

Pairings//Beer + Chocolate = Love (BeerWestMag) – I saw a mentioning of beer and chocolate pairings somewhere online today and it totally made me go into a period of reflection.  Chocolate and wine- sure.  But beer and chocolate?  What?  Okay.  I’ll do it.

Looks fine to me!

2 thoughts on “Being Lazy By Grilling Once, Growing Your Own Celery, and Not Caring About the Billboard Music Awards

  1. thefoodandwinehedonist says:

    Can’t wait to see what u write about comediennes. Haven’t seen any jn the past couple years, but my biggest beef is tht they always laugh at their own jokes too much. And many lapse into that whole “im a mother and I’m a badass rapper or midday drinker.”

    1. The Daily Sampler says:

      I feel like a traitor to girl power or something, but yeah. Exactly what you said- they all have the same persona: “I’m so badass but also look how adorable I am.” Crickets. Not funny.

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