Gushy Grateful Sunday With Accident-Prone Kanye, Asiago Polenta, and a Dive Bar Bucket List

Kanye West: You’re having the most hilariously embarrassing week, ever!

After Running Into Street Sign, Kanye’s Lamborghini Gets Crushed (DNA) – For a real good time, lookup the Youtube video with his run-in with the street sign, and his tantrum to follow.


SUNDAY HELPINGS: Now that, was a weekend. Never do I feel more ‘me’ than when I have visitors from home, especially when the visitors share my love of patio drinking, sunshine worshipping, track running, celebrity dissing, fine dining, and no-holds-barred discussions about life (including, but not limited to: poop, marriage, babies, faith, short-shorts, GMOs, desserts, etc.) All the most intriguing topics. The weather was heavenly and the company was good for the soul. I’m irritatingly gushy-thankful today. The gratitude continues because Memorial Day weekend in my happy place is just a few days away. Hallelujah! (I also went to church this weekend. What a good girl!) Don’t worry, I’ll be back to my usual Monday foulness tomorrow, I’m sure.

Roasted Chicken with Asiago Polenta and Truffled Mushrooms (Cooking Light) – We ate some delicious meals this weekend. Last night, I tasted some of the amazingly flavored asiago polenta from one of Ann Arbor’s better Italian spots. It. was. good. Even more so because of my previous failed attempts at edible homemade polenta. That stuff was nast. If you’re not going to go the roasted chicken route above, I highly recommend a simple red sauce with your polenta. Why God, why (can’t there be leftovers from last night?!)

Blackberry Gin Fizz (Smitten Kitchen) – One of our favorite cocktails from this weekend was a blackberry creation from a brewery in town with a rooftop deck. Every building should have a rooftop deck. Even though I’m typically not a fan of gin, anything with the words ‘blackberry’ and ‘fizz’ make it all right, and worth a sip. We had something similar to this last night… and yes I feel great today. No worries.

Courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.
Courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.

Books to Read This Summer Before the Movies Come Out (Oprah) – I know, I keep bringing up The Great Gatsby, but luckily your misery will end tonight after I finally get around to seeing it. In the meantime, get ready for these other book-t0-movies coming out soon. If they don’t have Jay Z producing the soundtrack, I likely won’t be interested in seeing them. Side note, are you finding yourself less and less interested in seeing movies when they are released these days? Just me?

5 Great Hotel Apps for Your Smartphone (Business First) – As our first wedding anniversary approaches (awwwwwwwwwww), hubby and I are exploring quick getaway options for a little romance, pre-Italian adventure, pre-secret moving adventure to follow. These hotel apps may be helpful for world travelers like ourselves. I’m gonna let you do the legwork on this one because I’m tired and it’s 90 degrees out and I’m hot with this laptop on my lap.

Bucket List Bars to Visit (The Daily Meal) – If you’re headed out on a summer road trip and have no interest in silly highway attractions or giant canyons, consider this list of important stops along the way. You don’t want to go into the great yonder without experiencing America’s best dive bars, obviously.


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