Gluttony, Guilt, and How to Improve Your (Meat)Balls

It’s too fun not to mention.

Prince Harry in America 2013 (Popsugar) – Last time he was here, he managed to get caught partying naked in Vegas.  So American; makes me proud.  America really needs a royal family.  As John Oliver put it on last night’s Daily Show, it’s the perfect distraction from any occasion.

WEDNESDAY HELPINGS: Sweet Lordy, Lordy.  3 days ago it was 45 degrees.  Now, my hat and I have made our entrance into fake summertime.  I made the leap and bought a hat.  I’ve owned maybe one or two hats before, but usually I’m just not that gutsy.  I figure, if I’m going to be a potential fashion victim (and I’m still in this country,) might as well be in Ann Arbor.  No one here seems to give an F about fashion.  Don’t worry, I have a disguise on, just in case.  If you happen to pass the girl in all summer brights + sunglasses + flip flops + a fedora on a patio on Washington, stop and have a drink with me.  Side note: I think most of my posts today will be about food, because I’m hungry and planning to eat light this evening.  But my brain doesn’t have to!! Woooooooo!!!

Braised Chicken with Artichokes and Sun-Dried Tomatoes (The Daily Meal) – I’ve never braised anything but I have the tools, and I believe in my heart it’s something I could achieve, if I try hard enough.  What’s not to love about chicken, artichokes, and sun-dried tomatoes (best ingredients ever)?

Courtesy of The Daily Meal

Help Me Replicate Boxed Mac and Cheese (The Kitchn) – I friggin’ LOVE this sample because I HAVE THE SAME QUESTION!!!!!!  I believed that I was the only person in the world who prefers the texture and flavor of ‘American style’ mac and cheese.  It’s a little on the drier side, not all fatty and Velveeta nasty, and yes, I’ll say it- I like Kraft.  I shouldn’t but I do.  For as great as heavy, creamy, cheddar-ified homestyle macaroni and cheese is, I really prefer the other stuff.  So here it is, homemade!  Life is good!

Most and Least Active Places in American (MSN) – I can’t do gluttony without also doing guilt.  Find your city on the list.  Feel either great or horrible about it, then, move (or move on).

How to Improve Your (Meat)Balls (FN Blog) – If you don’t know balls, you aren’t Italian, or in this case, Mediterranean.  Don’t cry.  Anyone can learn, but not everyone has the perfect recipe passed down from your great grandma Morabito.  That’s your cue to cry.

Mmmm Balls
Mmmm Balls

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