This One’s For the BEST Moms, Conquering Food Cravings, and Actually Reading the Damn Book

Everyone thinks their mom is the best, (you’re wrong, mine is, bitches), but do you agree with this list of…

The Best TV and Movie Moms (Styleite) – I am a little disappointed to not see Norma Bates on this list.  That’s DEVOTION.  At least the original Aunt Viv made the list.  I still miss her.

SUNDAY HELPINGS: Did everyone have a lovely Mother’s Day with their mommies?  I was lucky enough to have the entire weekend with mine, and we did what any dynamic mother/daughter team do when they’re together: feast, imbibe, and nap.  Ideal holiday.  Next up on the week ahead?  Not eating, not drinking, and… I won’t pretend that I’m going to avoid napping.  That’s my God-given right.

Conquer Your Food Cravings (Oprah) – I don’t know about you, but spending my days in a less than exhilarating, mind-numbing job has left me a lot of time to develop the appetite of a truck driver.  You know, it’s something to do and whatnot.  Before I jet off to my first archaeological survey this summer, I have to work on curbing that little issue considerably, or no olive tree, gelato stand, or Italian farm goat is safe from my insatiable hunger.  It’s pretty serious.

American Idol Drama Upstages Actual Show (Huffington Post) – If I had enough time, I’d probably do an entire rant about this, but I have other things to complain about.  Does anyone even watch this show anymore?  Why is it still on the air?  Time to let go, Nigel.  Time to let go.  And watch The Voice, 3 times a week, on NBC.

8 Ways to Shake Up Your Life, Now (Refinery 29) – If you aren’t on the verge of moving to another country or whatever, this may be of interest to you.  Spoiler alert: you’ll have to change yourself.  So, you may or may not be into that.

10 Classic Books You Read in High School to Reread Now (Publishers Weekly) – The obvious choice is, The Great Gatsby, of course.  When I started to think about all the books I “read” in high school, I realized it may be a good time to actually do the leg work.  Push a little past the Gatz and revisit some of these classics.  Then- send me the Spark Notes.  K?  Thanks.


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