Celebrities Dressed as Couches, Stress Cleanses, and Cleveland Hero: The Remix

You knew it was just a matter of time…

Charles Ramsey Autotune: Cleveland Hero (Huffington Post) – This is the best day of that guy’s life.  Oh, and good they found those girls, too.

TUESDAY HELPINGS: What have I been up to, you might ask?  Eh.. nothing really.  Yesterday I had ice cream for dinner.  I almost lost my Chapstick today.  That’s about it.  Yet, I seem to be exceedingly busy with other obligations, a dinner party tomorrow, and the big Mother’s Day weekend, which I’m happy to be spending with my parents in town.  So this week’s samples may be a tad rushed.  That doesn’t mean I love you any less.

Who Wore it Better: Celebrity or Furniture? (Huffington Post) – I know I already mentioned this yesterday, but I couldn’t resist the genius comparisons.  Many of your favorite celebrities are here, dressed like couches from last night’s Met Gala.  Hence, you’ll never catch me wearing printed pants or anything like that.  Ever.

Gloves? Is that really necessary?

How to Prep Asparagus (Food52) – Now that it’s spring, you cannot. Escape. The wrath of. the asparagus.  It will be in every meal, at every fine dining restaurant you visit, and on every grill of every barbecue you attend, for at least 2 months.  I have zero problems with this, so I think you need to learn how to properly prep those little buggers.  And for the record, I really don’t notice a smell afterwards…

Keep it snappy.

The One-Day Stress Cleanse (Oprah) – Dr. Oz hands down these orders for people stressing over jobs, children, money, or finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift, (I’m set this year… phew.)  Though the first advice is to ‘listen to stress-free tunes’, don’t make the mistake of seeking out Oprah’s favorite calming music playlist.  Anything with Sade and Radiohead mentioned in the same breath, I’m just not interested in.

Tech Writer Proves You Can Survive Without the Internet for a Year (ABC News) – Whoa.  This guy.  I am going to be picking and pulling through this interview for the next few weeks, searching desperately for advice on how to go through withdrawal with grace and dignity.  When in Rome… (leave your smartphone at home and try not to go crazy.)

Japanese Cooking: Pantry Essentials (Food & Wine) – Man, I love a great noodle dish, a stir fry, or of course sushi.  I love making these at home, except for sushi, because that was a foolish nightmare I will never endure again, but for everything else, you need some pantry essentials that will make your experience a lot tastier.  Here they are.


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