Small Plates of Bitchy

Wellllll I have quite the weekend hangover, and a major case of the Mondays.  Let’s just say it: I’m pretty bitchy today.  I’ve slacked on the blogging front and I’ll be honest, with the upcoming craziness, my schedule may get even more wonky.  Still, I couldn’t leave you hanging until gasp…. tomorrow.  Here’s a small plate to nibble on.

Met Gala: You be the Judge (People) – One of the more eclectic nights in fashion is happening right now.  The Met Gala in NYC brings out some of the more interesting, over-the-top, gorgeous, and/or risky fashion choices of the year.  You even have the opportunity to judge celebrities based only on the bad advice of a stylist, my favorite.

She must want people to hate her more.

6 Signs You’re About to Have a Meltdown (Hello Giggles) – Ah.  Perfect fit.  Until tomorrow…


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