The Cinco de Mayo Sampler with a Worldwide Burrito Guide, Best Mexican Recipes, and Non-Margaritas

I am not shitting when I tell you this was top news on MSN today.

Number of Fat Cats Soars (MSN Living) – Located under the “parenting” tab, this is a real epidemic, folks. Stop taking pictures of your cat and get that thing on a treadmill. That first pic after the jump does remind me of a typical Tuesday night at my house, though. (We don’t have cats.)

Makin’ it rain.

THURSDAY HELPINGS: My God, is it Friday yet? Some weeks just drag on. Maybe it’s because all anyone wants to be now is drunk on a patio, but man, let’s end it already. I’m personally gearing up for a surprise road trip east (surprise! I’m coming! Change the sheets!) I’ve been doing some brainstorming about Cinco de Mayo as well. It allows me to think about Mexican food all day long without feeling guilty. Lucky for you, I will share some of those ideas now, so you don’t also have to spend your whole day thinking about Mexican food. You can if you want. It’s not a bad way to pass the time.

Sunday Funday Taco + Margarita Bar (by sarah ashley) – It just so happens that Cinco de Mayo falls on a Sunday, so this post works all around. “Taco Tuesdays” have really become a thing all over the place, so if you’re not hosting a gala this weekend, you can stick it in your pocket for later. Having a taco bar is an easy way to say, “I’m tired. You do it yourself.” Also, Sarah Ashley is really adorable and skinny so you’ll enjoy her site.


19 Cinco de Mayo Drinks that Aren’t Margaritas (Bon Appetit) – Whhhaa!? There are other Mexican drinks? Shut up. It’s true. Here’s the proof.

How to Make a Mason Jar Herb Garden (StumbleUpon) – If you’re going Mexican, you need cilantro at your beck and call. I don’t do enough for the crafty readers out there because it makes me feel ashamed about my inability to sew a button, but this post even has a video. A video!! You can do it!


The Burrito Guide (The Food and Wine Hedonist) – John @ FWH has really, really done his homework on this one. From New York to California to Australia and everything in between, he has traveled burrito road and done all of the guessing for you. Browse his list, see what’s near you, and start your burrito tour!

100 Best Recipes Ever: Mexican (Food and Wine) – Just when you thought this Sampler was over, here are 100 recipes to browse that will get you even crankier as you wait for lunch time to arrive. I just want to provide you with the best life has to offer.

**NOTE: after deeper investigation the “100 recipes” provided are not actually all Mexican-inspired. False advertising, F&W. Everyone should call their local congressmen.


2 thoughts on “The Cinco de Mayo Sampler with a Worldwide Burrito Guide, Best Mexican Recipes, and Non-Margaritas

  1. thefoodandwinehedonist says:

    Love tht cat! 1st thing that came to mind was “making it rain”. Spooky. And thanks for the link! I have a couple updates to it so I gotta get on it. It’s not all me who did the reviews, but most are. I do take submissions. So take notes because what’s a road trip without a burrito stop? Have a good one!

    1. The Daily Sampler says:

      I was so enamored with your list I forgot to realize it might be unachievable for one person to eat all those burritos. I’d be honored to add some. I have one specifically in Buffalo that’s delightful. Think Italy will have any worth talking about? 😉

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