The Daytime Emmy Nomination Goes to Outdoor Workouts, Healthy Dinners, and Cheap Wines

And the 2013 Daytime Emmy Nominations go to…

Young and the Restless Leads With 23 Nominations (Variety) – Since no one really cares about the Daytime Emmys, and no one bothers to mention that nominations were announced today, I thought I’d just take care of it. Here they are. Notes: WTG General Hospital with 19 noms, and boo hiss to nominating Lindsey Morgan over Kelly Sullivan? You’re right, maybe this whole thing is a useless sham.

You deserved a win Connie, you crazy S.O.B.

WEDNESDAY HELPINGS: Hello, hello. How was your first real day of Spring, (which in this millennium means Summer?) Unless you are in Colorado or Australia, of course. Mine was pretty good, thanks for asking. I learned that once the weather breaks, I have zero desire to be confined to the likes of a gym, so today, I quit being a baby and hit the UMich track. At 6AM. Because I don’t like being around people. Ya do what you gotta do. I loved it. If you don’t like buildings or people, you may enjoy some of the samples below.

Outdoor Cardio Meltdown: 10 New Workout Ideas (Shape) – Okay, if you live somewhere where stand up paddle boarding is even an option, then I don’t feel sorry for you. At all.

Over 60 Healthy Weeknight Dinners (Food Network) – Simple, nutritious, and tasty is what everyone is looking for. It’s got to be easy or it’s not going to happen. Lighten up your favorites or try something new. I tried a lightened up curried chicken recipe this week. It was not good. It wasn’t from this website, so don’t worry.

How to Make Healthy Habits Stick (Mind Body Green) – I ponder this topic nearly once a week, when I’m restarting everything about my life. I’ll be honest, it’s really difficult for an ‘all-or-nothing’ mindset person, which I am. She yells at us for that in item #2.

Top 10 Wines Under $10 (Huffington Post) – I’d be interested to see if my favorite food and wine bloggers agree with this list.



4 thoughts on “The Daytime Emmy Nomination Goes to Outdoor Workouts, Healthy Dinners, and Cheap Wines

  1. I hate Top Ten lists…that said, I checked the HuPo list (how could I not?) and have to say that the first wine, the sparkler from Segura Viudas is pretty yummy. Costco had magnum bottles for a while, total steal and so much fun. Keep in mind I don’t even like sparkling wine. But that one is pretty good.

    I hadn’t heard of any of the other wines. Also, not very interested in the choice of grapes really. A soave? Who wants to drink that? And no Riesling!!! Ts. How could I approve of a list like that one?

    🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. No Riesling is a crime! I knew you’d be displeased. I’m really interested in trying the sparking’s a pleasing alternative here and there, and often gluten free, which my tummy appreciates. I really need to get over to Costco…

      1. I think they ran out of the magnums a while ago. But you can get it pretty much everywhere in the normal size bottles. I’m very certain I have seen it at Plum. Nina likes hers plain, but the great thing is it is also really good for Kir Royal or other mixes with liqueurs…because it is dirt cheap and still provides a good backbone.

        And yes, I am displeased…

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