2-4-1 Monday with Man Band News, an Ode to Wontons, and Hilarious Celebrity Commercials

I just discovered 98 Degrees has a new song, called ‘Girls Night Out’ which one Twitter user described as, “creepy”. So of course I had to listen. In the hunt, I found another great article about one of their other new singles that I thought you’d appreciate as well. It’s a 2-4-1 Monday.

98 Degrees Released a New Song About Their Penises (The Daily Beast) – Teehehe.

‘Girls Night Out’ Premieres off of Upcoming 98 Degrees Album (Huffington Post) – The reason this is noteworthy is because of all the boy bands, 98 degrees was 50-75% hot (sorry Justin Jeffre), while the other boy bands had maybe 2 hot guys at the most. Now, they’re all around 40 and have become creepy dance-club ogler-men.

MONDAY HELPINGS: Besides 98 Degrees burnin’ it up on the charts (I’m kidding, relax,) the other big story today is the courageous stand Jason Collins took by being the first active NBA player to come out. I actually wish this didn’t have to be a lead story at all, but as long as it is, I am proud of the message he’s sending and hope it will help other people feel comfortable enough to do the same. #EqualityForAll. Other than that, I’m obsessed with wonton wrappers. That is all.

5 Ways to Use Wonton Wrappers (Can You Stay For Dinner?) – I’ve seen them, I’ve heard about them, and this weekend, I finally made the purchase. I am glad I did. The wonton wrapper makes me feel as if I can shortcut my way to a tasty appetizer, boil my way to fake homemade raviolis, and portion control my snacking desires. Because this is a 2-4-1 Monday, I have to share at least 2 great sites!

Main Course Muffin/Cupcakes (Emily Bites) – When I began my wonton wrapper recipe search, I started here. Emily Bites knows her way around a wonton wrapper, and uses them for “cups” “cupcakes” and even for a good old fashioned egg roll, all with Weight Watchers Points Plus values. I predict you’ll spend at least 27 minutes on this website.

Budweiser ‘Buddy Cup’ Connects Beer Drinkers on Facebook (PCMag) – I can think of so many, many reasons that this is a bad idea. One clink of your wired glass, and that creepster that bought you a drink has access to every facet of your online life. But makes for good for stories, right?! Right?!

10 Best Commercials With Celebrities Part I (Hello Giggles) – This is the perfect end to my evening, and I hope yours, too. Just click on it and see Nicholas Cage’s face and you’ll know all is right with the world. Big plus: some are the best kind of celebrity commercials… commercials from Japan.


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